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3D Environments and introduction to BIM DES3113-N Module
3D Solutions DES2201-N Module
Activate DES1217-N Module
Advanced Digital Design For The Creative Industries DES2106-N Module
Advanced Graphic Projects MMA2010-N Module
Advanced Work Related Learning 3 DES2173-N Module
Advanced Work Related Learning 4 DES2213-N Module
An Introduction to Fashion DES1228-N Module
An Introduction to Fashion Print DES1242-N Module
An Introduction to Fashion Textiles DES1241-N Module
An Introduction to Fine Art MIM1028-N Module
An Introduction to Graphic Design and Illustration DES1229-N Module
An Introduction to Housing Design and Interior Architecture DES1243-N Module
An Introduction to Interior Design DES1230-N Module
An Introduction to Product Design and Creative Innovation DES1232-N Module
An Introduction to Product Design and Manufacture DES1240-N Module
An Introduction to Textile Design DES1231-N Module
Analysis DES2199-N Module
Art and Culture Since Modernity PRA1008-N Module
Art Movements and Visual Culture PRA1010-N Module
Art theory and Context MMA3003-N Module
Artefacts, Galleries And Public Display DES4035-N Module
Articulate DES2205-N Module
Broadening Design Horizons PRA2030-N Module
Building Design: Analysis and Regulation DES2211-N Module
Building Design: Structures and Technology DES1237-N Module
Change It DES2197-N Module
Clients & The Industry PRA2028-N Module
Collaborate DES1213-N Module
Communication Design PRA1026-N Module
Concept, Manufacture & Finish DES2191-N Module
Connect DES2200-N Module
Contemporary Art (Online) MIM1029-N Module
Contemporary Practice: Echo MIM4082-N Module
Contextual Studies DES0003-N Module
Contextual Writing for Product Design DES3117-N Module
Create, Cut & Construct DES2192-N Module
Creative Cutting and Construction MMA2005-N Module
Creative Interaction DES4016-N Module
Critical Practice DES2203-N Module
Critical Thinking and Theoretical Contexts DES4048-N Module
Critical Writing And Research Project PRA2012-N Module
Critical Writing in Critical Times PRA2029-N Module
Curatorial Methods MMA1002-N Module
Debates DES2208-N Module
Design and Make 3: Final Collection DES3092-N Module
Design and Realise DES3101-N Module
Design and Shape DES1221-N Module
Design Communication DES1135-N Module
Design Contexts DES2174-N Module
Design Direction DES4036-N Module
Design Ethics and Client Work PRA1025-N Module
Design History and Research PRA1023-N Module
Design Innovation DES4033-N Module
Design Integration DES4049-N Module
Design Practice DES4045-N Module
Design Processes In The Creative Industries DES1163-N Module
Design Project 1 - Specialist Skills DES2126-N Module
Design Project 2 - Advanced Specialist Skills DES2105-N Module
Design Project: Range Planning and Development DES1196-N Module
Design Projects 1: Form and Function DES1248-N Module
Design Projects 2: Consumer Products MMA1023-N Module
Design Projects 3: New Product Development DES2219-N Module
Design Projects 4: Design for Industry MMA2006-N Module
Design Research and Writing PRA3025-N Module
Design Research Methods DES4046-N Module
Design Skills 1: Drawing and Modelling DES1247-N Module
Design Skills 2: Computer Aided Design and Illustration DES1245-N Module
Design Skills 3: Advanced CAD DES2218-N Module
Design Studio PRA2031-N Module
Design Thinking in Practice PRA1024-N Module
Design Writing Research DES3080-N Module
Developing Contextual Studies A: Odyssey MIM2033-N Module
Developing Contextual Studies B: Spectacle MIM2035-N Module
Developing Studio Practice MMA1003-N Module
Developing Studio Practice 1: Research Informed Practice PRA2011-N Module
Developing Studio Practice A: Fulcrum MIM2034-N Module
Developing Studio Practice B: Resonance MIM2036-N Module
Digital Design For The Creative Industries DES1125-N Module
Digital Skills and Data ACC1061-N Module
Digitise DES1216-N Module
Dissertation for Textile Designers DES3089-N Module
DIY DES3109-N Module
Document DES3100-N Module
Drawing Architecture DES1236-N Module
Elevate DES1225-N Module
Engaging With Art: Reading, Thinking & Writing In Year Three FAE3009-N Module
Enterprise DES1218-N Module
Exhibition Project FAE3008-N Module
Exhibition: Resolution MIM3058-N Module
Fashion and Textile Cultures DES1233-N Module
Fashion and Textiles Enterprise DES2209-N Module
Fashion and Textiles Futures DES2210-N Module
Fashion Buying and Merchandising DES2179-N Module
Fashion Buying Project DES3112-N Module
Fashion Communication Project DES3111-N Module
Fashion PR, Marketing and Media DES2177-N Module
Fashion Skills MMA1006-N Module
Fashion Styling, Media and Promotion DES2215-N Module
Final Graphic Projects DES3082-N Module
Final Major Fashion Design Project DES3097-N Module
Final Major Fashion Enterprise Project DES3088-N Module
Final Project: Design and Realisation DES3115-N Module
Final Project: Report DES3114-N Module
Fine Art Dissertation FAE3013-N Module
Folio DES3099-N Module
Future Design DES2216-N Module
Future Home Design Project DES4038-N Module
Future Houses CEN4035-N Module
Future Practice: Precog MIM4085-N Module
Future Thinking Technologies DES4039-N Module
Hack DES1226-N Module
House and Home DES4037-N Module
Identity DES2198-N Module
Illustration for Communication CAM4048-N Module
Illustration in Brief CAM4049-N Module
Independent Studio Practice FAE3010-N Module
Independent Studio Practice: Reverie MIM3057-N Module
Initiate DES3107-N Module
Innovation and Specialization PRA2033-N Module
Innovation by Design DES4044-N Module
Intro to Studio Practice 2: Understanding Historical, Cultural, Sociopolitical, and Curatorial Influences on Art Making PRA1009-N Module
Introduction to Fashion Management DES1234-N Module
Introduction to Garment Construction DES1194-N Module
Introduction to Pattern Cutting (Online) MIM1030-N Module
Introduction to Studio Practice 1: Idea Generation and Studio Practice PRA1007-N Module
Introduction to the Fashion Industry MMA1009-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies A: Encompass MIM1024-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies B: Rise MIM1026-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice A: Spark MIM1025-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice B: Magnify MIM1027-N Module
Iterate DES2204-N Module
Launch Pad DES2195-N Module
Launchpad: Exit into Industry CAM4041-N Module
Live Projects & Competitions DES3083-N Module
Live Projects and Specializations PRA3026-N Module
MA Design Major Project DES4047-N Module
MA Visual Communication Major Project DES4040-N Module
Magnify DES3108-N Module
Major Project PRA3028-N Module
Major Project: Planning/Analysis/Synthesis DES3087-N Module
Make It DES1215-N Module
Making Architecture DES1238-N Module
Masters Exhibition: Exegesis MIM4086-N Module
Materials and Manufacturing DES1246-N Module
MIMA Advanced Practice MMA4001-N Module
MIMA History of Art, Design and Architecture MMA1001-N Module
Now in Production DES2207-N Module
Portfolio Project DES0006-N Module
Post Digital Practices DES4050-N Module
Post-Studio Art: Interrupt MIM4084-N Module
Practice-led Research: Perception MIM4083-N Module
Precedent DES1219-N Module
Professional Communication DES3081-N Module
Professional Positioning PRA3027-N Module
Professional Practice: The Fashion Industry DES3086-N Module
Professional Practice: Making Yourself Visible DES3091-N Module
Professional Product Realisation DES3085-N Module
Professional Skills DES4031-N Module
Professional Skills 1: Identity DES2217-N Module
Professional Skills 2 DES1207-N Module
Professional Skills 2: Portfolio DES3116-N Module
Professional Skills for Fashion and Textiles DES1235-N Module
Professional Skills Workshop DES1244-N Module
Professional Skills: Portfolio MMA3008-N Module
Project X DES3110-N Module
Realisation DES3106-N Module
Reportage DES3098-N Module
Representation, Depiction And Modernity DES4032-N Module
Research and Analysis: Sketchbook Design DES0005-N Module
Research and Development DES4030-N Module
Research and Development DES3105-N Module
Situate DES2206-N Module
Space and Place DES1222-N Module
Specialism Project DES0004-N Module
Specialist Skills for Visual Communication DES4051-N Module
Storytelling DES1227-N Module
Studio DES3102-N Module
Surface and Materiality DES2202-N Module
Sustainable Practice and Pedagogy: Prolepsis MIM3056-N Module
Sustaining Studio Practice MMA2003-N Module
Technical Skills: Advanced DES3090-N Module
Technical Skills: Specialism DES2182-N Module
Textile Design Skills 1 DES1210-N Module
Textile Print and Surface Design DES2214-N Module
The Fashion Project DES2180-N Module
The Language of the Profession PRA1028-N Module
Thinking DES3103-N Module
Thinking Through Drawing DES0001-N Module
Thinking through making DES0002-N Module
Type, Image & Motion PRA1027-N Module
Understanding The Creative Industries DES1190-N Module
User Experience PRA2032-N Module
Virtualise DES2196-N Module
Visual Communication and Creative Direction DES4041-N Module
Visual Identity CAM4047-N Module
Visualise DES1214-N Module
Work Related Learning 1 DES1124-N Module
Work Related Learning 2 DES1239-N Module
Working With the MIMA Collection MMA2002-N Module
Workshop DES1224-N Module

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