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Name Code Type
Contemporary Practice: Echo MIM4082-N Module
Developing Contextual Studies B: Spectacle MIM2035-N Module
Developing Studio Practice A: Fulcrum MIM2034-N Module
Developing Studio Practice B: Resonance MIM2036-N Module
Exhibition: Resolution MIM3058-N Module
Future Practice: Precog MIM4085-N Module
Independent Studio Practice: Reverie MIM3057-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies A: Encompass MIM1024-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies B: Rise MIM1026-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice A: Spark MIM1025-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice B: Magnify MIM1027-N Module
Masters Exhibition: Venture MIM4086-N Module
Post-Studio Art: Interrupt MIM4084-N Module
Practice-led Research: Perception MIM4083-N Module
Practicum: Odyssey MIM2033-N Module
Sustainable Practice and Pedagogy: Prolepsis MIM3056-N Module

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