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Name Code Type
(2014-15) Graduate Intern Support Site SPT-13098 Module
ALFIE: Authentic Learning for Interview Experience (Accounting & Finance) SPT-13648 Module
ALFIE: Authentic Learning for Interview Experience (Sociology) SPT-13699 Module
Bystander Intervention Training SPT-13698 Module
Certificate of Knowledge in Policing SPT-13159 Module
Creative Writing Distance Learning Programme Support Site MOCK UP SPT-13180 Module
Distance Learning Showcase SPT-13008 Module
Entrepreneurs@Tees SPT-13046 Module
FHEA SPT-13094 Module
Grade Centre Hands-On Workshop SPT-13640 Module
Information Security Awareness SPT-13715 Module
IT Induction Demonstration SPT-13029 Module
Moving Forward SPT-12638 Module
MSc Criminal Investigation Online Dissertation SET UP SPT-13561 Module
Panopto Test Module 002 SPT-13423 Module
Panopto Test Module 003 SPT-13424 Module
PASS Leaders SPT-13013 Module
Programme Leaders Handbook Mock Up SPT-13124 Module
Progress Checking SPT-13173 Module
Richard Lilleker's Test Module SPT-12995 Module
SOHSC Demo module SPT-13027 Module
SSE TEL Support Site SPT-13168 Module
Student Mind SPT-12951 Module
Student Representatives SPT-13163 Module
Student Support SPT-13471 Module
Student Support SPT-13015 Module
Summer University (2014/15) SPT-13210 Module
Test List 2 NLV YYY1819-N Module
Test List 3 NLV ZZZ1819-N Module

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