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""Put Another Dime in the Jukebox, Baby": Popular Music, Society, and Culture" MED3048-N Module
"(2016/17) Comics, Graphic Novels & Sequential Art" SPT-13362 Module
Actor Tools PER1040-N Module
Actor Tools 2 PER2044-N Module
Advanced Facilitation in Dance PER4004-N Module
Advanced Study Option: Theories of Fascism HIS3092-N Module
Advanced techniques DES2185-N Module
Advertising as Mass Communication MED3028-N Module
African American Writing ELL2004-N Module
African American Writing ELL3057-N Module
An Age of Transition: English History 1558-1707 HIS2040-N Module
Approaches to Performance (M) PER1025-N Module
Arts & Events Management 1026PER-N Module
Arts & Events Production 1025PER-N Module
Arts & Events Production(M) PER1028-N Module
Arts and Events Management (M) PER1027-N Module
Bootcamp 1 MED1059-N Module
Bootcamp 2 MED1058-N Module
British Fascism and Culture HIS4029-N Module
Broadcast Journalism MFP0004-N Module
Broadcast Media and Television & Film Production Pre-induction (2016/17) SPT-13370 Module
Broadcast Production and News JOU2003-N Module
Changing Landscapes in Media and Communications MED4013-N Module
Choreography, Improvisation and Performance PER1053-N Module
City Cultures: History in Depth HIS3022-N Module
Consensus Britain? Citizens, State, and Culture, 1945-79 HIS2053-N Module
Contemporary Media Issues MED1022-N Module
Contextual Studies FAE2002-N Module
Contextual Studies (M) PER1022-N Module
Countercultural Crossings: Radicals, Reformers, and Transatlanticism HIS4034-N Module
Creating, Devising & Developing Theatre PER2016-N Module
Creating, Devising, Developing PER2038-N Module
Creative Dance Practice and Technology PER4008-N Module
Creative Writing 1 ELL1020-N Module
Creative Writing 2 ELL1021-N Module
Creative Writing and Research ELL1013-N Module
Critical Thinking Skills CED1003N Module
Culture and Politics in the USA 1945-74 HIS3003-N Module
Current Issues in PR MED4014-N Module
Current Issues, Practice and Context - Radio (2) MPR2016-N Module
Dance Facilitation Skills PER2008-N Module
Dance in Context PER1043-N Module
Dance Practitioner in Context PER4005-N Module
Dance Technique PER1013-N Module
Design Projects 3: New Product Development BSc DES2162-N Module
Design Projects 4: Design for Industry BSc DES2161-N Module
Developing Media Products MED2021-N Module
Discipline Specific Studies 1 FAE1003-N Module
Drawing and Approaches to Drawing FAE1013-N Module
Drawing as communication DES2186-N Module
E-portfolio for Journalists MFP0003-N Module
Engaging with Art: Reading, Thinking and Writing in Year One FAE1018-N Module
Engaging with Art: Reading, Thinking and Writing in Year Two FAE2013-N Module
English Studies Dissertation ELL3017-N Module
Essential Journalism MFP0002-N Module
Essential Media Law MED0012-N Module
Essential PA MED0011-N Module
Europe since 1870 HIS1009-N Module
Exhibition Project FAE3004-N Module
Feasibility Study HIS4030-N Module
Feature Writing JOU2006-N Module
Festive Histories c.1800-2000 HIS2054-N Module
Final Project (Multimedia Campaign) MED4022-N Module
Final Project: Product Design BSc DES3084-N Module
Final Year Creative Project PER3027-N Module
Freedom of Information for Journalism MED4025-N Module
Gender and Popular Fiction: The case of the lady detective ELL2026-N Module
Independent Research Project PER2028-N Module
Industry Application 1: Dance Pedagogy PER1042-N Module
Industry Application 1: The Rehearsal Room PER1038-N Module
Industry Application 2: Facilitation PER1036-N Module
Industry Application 3: Community Project PER2033-N Module
Industry Application 3: Directing Project PER2029-N Module
Industry Application 4: Performance Project PER2034-N Module
Industry Application 4: Public Performance PER2027-N Module
Inhuman Bondage: Slavery & Freedom in the American Tropics HIS3097-N Module
Interdisciplinary Project PER2030-N Module
Introducing Convergence MED1014-N Module
Introduction to Drawing ART1011-N Module
Introduction to Media Production MED1024-N Module
Introduction to Printmaking ART1012-N Module
Introduction to Professional Factual Television Production Shortees UCPD MPR1009-N Module
Introduction to Professional Practice JOU1005-N Module
Introduction to Radio Broadcasting MPR1015-N Module
Introduction to Web Design DES1139-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies FAE1002-N Module
Introductory Professional Studies FAE1001-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice FAE1016-N Module
IPSO Regulation Test MFP0001-N Module
Italian Fascism HIS2029-N Module
James II HIS3088-N Module
Jewellery Manufacturing, Materials & Techniques DES1147-N Module
Journalism and Democracy MED4015-N Module
Journalism Dissertation MED4050-N Module
Journalism Ethics and Practice JOU2007-N Module
Journalism for Digital and Social Media MED2060-N Module
Journalism for Digital and Social Media MED2016-N Module
Journalism Project MED3029-N Module
Journalism Project: Research & Preparation MPR3010-N Module
Journalism Writing for Different Audiences JOU2008-N Module
Key techniques DES1206-N Module
Law, Ethics and Freedom of Information MED4016-N Module
Learning and Study Skills CED1013-N Module
Major Individual Project PER4003-N Module
Major Research Project PER3007-N Module
Making and Remaking the Novel: Narrative in the Long Eighteenth Century ELL1032-N Module
Making Meanings: reading the media MED2020-N Module
Media Audiences: Fans, Users and Creators MED1066-N Module
Media Audiences: Fans, Users, Creators MED1061-N Module
Media Law Court Reporting MED0013-N Module
Media Performance PER1058-N Module
Media Practice and Structures JOU1007-N Module
Media Studies Dissertation Project MED3033-N Module
Media Studies: Theories and Thinkers MED1065-N Module
Media studies: Theories, Thinkers, Texts MED1060-N Module
Modern and Postmodern Writing ELL2020-N Module
Modern Britain HIS1010-N Module
Modern Scandinavia HIS2047-N Module
Modernism and After ELL2031-N Module
Multimedia Communication MED1015-N Module
Multimedia Editing and Publishing JOU1006-N Module
Multimedia Storytelling MED4017-N Module
Music Technology PER1023-N Module
Music Theory PER1020-N Module
Music Video: Identity, Politics, and Representation ELL3021-N Module
Nations and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Europe HIS4027-N Module
New Media Landscapes MED3044-N Module
News Production MED4018-N Module
News Reporting MED1018-N Module
North European Cities in Comparative Perspective: Space, Place and Identity HIS4021-N Module
Performance and Business PER1057-N Module
Performance and Events in the Community 2005PER-N Module
Performance in Context PER1010-N Module
Performance in Context PER1037-N Module
Performance Practice 1 (M) PER1021-N Module
Performance Practice II Dance PER2022-N Module
Performance Practice II Drama PER2023-N Module
Performance Practice II Music PER2024-N Module
Personal and Professional Development JOU2004-N Module
Poetry for Publishing and Performance ELL4004-N Module
Post 9/11 Literature and Culture ELL3063-N Module
Postcolonial Literature ELL2027-N Module
Practical Reporting 1 MED2011-N Module
Practical Reporting 2 MED3035-N Module
Preparing for your dissertation or major report ELL2025-N Module
Principles of Drawing DES1205-N Module
Print Journalism JOU1008-N Module
Production Practice 1 PER1030-N Module
Production Tools PER2031-N Module
Professional Development 2 MED2070-N Module
Professional Development In Acting For Business PER4009-N Module
Professional Development One MED1017-N Module
Professional Skills & Enterprise for Arts Practice DES4020-N Module
Professional Studies FAE2001-N Module
Project Realisation for Digital Practice DES4022-N Module
Projects 1 FAE1005-N Module
Projects 2 FAE2004-N Module
Public Affairs JOU3002-N Module
Reading Performance PER2035-N Module
Reflective Case Study FAE3005-N Module
Regional Writing ELL1008-N Module
Renaissance Literature ELL2019-N Module
Reporting MED0010-N Module
Research Methods in Dance PER4010-N Module
Research Methods in Dance PER4011-N Module
Research Skills & Methods HIS4001-N Module
Revolution and the State: The History of Political thought from Hobbes to Lenin HIS3098-N Module
Revolutionary France HIS2026-N Module
Rise of the Nazis HIS3095-N Module
Romantic and Victorian Writing ELL2016-N Module
Rome: Foundation, Republic & Empire HIS2055-N Module
Shakespeare: Critical Contexts ELL3055-N Module
Skills and Techniques PER1009-N Module
Sport and Leisure in Nineteenth-Century Britain HIS2057-N Module
Studio Practice FAE2011-N Module
Studio Practice 1 PER1041-N Module
Studio Practice 2 PER2032-N Module
Studying English: Critical Skills ELL1003-N Module
Studying Film ELL1022-N Module
Studying Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond... MED2028-N Module
Subjects & Citizens: Gender, Race & Class in American History HIS2052-N Module
Technical Skills: Rotation DES1199-N Module
Test module ABC123-N Module
Testing Module for 8.1.1.upgrade TEST3042-N Module
Text and Context ELL1001-N Module
The 1848 Revolutions HIS2064-N Module
The Dance Entrepreneur PER4007-N Module
The Reformation: England and Europe, 1520-1560 HIS1005-N Module
Thinking about Culture ELL1023-N Module
Thinking About Representation ELL2018-N Module
Transformative Writing 1 ELL2022-N Module
Transformative Writing 2 ELL2023-N Module
TV Studio Production MED1047-N Module
Video Journalism MED0015-N Module
Video Journalism for Online Platforms MED4020-N Module
Visual Language FAE1004-N Module
Visual Language and Drawing DES1198-N Module
Visual Production FAE3001-N Module
War & Memory HIS4016-N Module
War and Society HIS2032-N Module
Watcher, Maker, Thinker MED1057-N Module
Working in the Creative Industries PER1039-N Module
Working in the Cultural and Creative Industries (M) PER1024-N Module
Writing and Essay Skills CED1012-N Module
Writing for Life and Work ELL4020-N Module

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