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Name Code Type
(2017-8) Film, Media And Culture Support Site SPT-13637 Module
(2017-8) General Announcements SPT-13635 Module
(2017-8) Media Studies SPT-13636 Module
2D Animation GAV1013-N Module
2D Character Animation VIS2120-N Module
2D Game Creation GAV2002-N Module
2D Tools and Techniques VIS4068-N Module
3D Animation GAV1011-N Module
3D Character Animation GAV2003-N Module
3D Character Animation VIS2121-N Module
3D Character Animation 1 VIS2158-N Module
3D Character Animation 2 VIS2159-N Module
3d Graphics Programming COM2062-N Module
3D Graphics Programming GAV2004-N Module
3D Simulation GAV1024-N Module
3D Texturing, Lighting and Rendering VIS2123-N Module
3D Tools and Techniques VIS4062-N Module
AAA Games Programming VIS2167-N Module
Accessibility and Adaptive Technologies MUL3025-N Module
Accessibility and User Experience MUL3050-N Module
Accessible and Adaptable Systems MUL4027-N Module
Accrediting Prior and Workbased Studies MUL4056-N Module
Acting for Animation VIS4052-N Module
Advance TV Studio Production MED2037-N Module
Advanced Animation for Games VIS3077-N Module
Advanced Animation Pre-Production VIS3108-N Module
Advanced Animation Techniques VIS3105-N Module
Advanced Audio Production MFP2010-N Module
Advanced Audio Production MED2065-N Module
Advanced Character Animation Production GAV3029-N Module
Advanced Cloud Based Services COM4084-N Module
Advanced Compositing VIS4077-N Module
Advanced Creative Skills and Techniques for Graphic Communication 1 DES2193-N Module
Advanced Creative Skills and Techniques for Graphic Communication 2 DES2194-N Module
Advanced Database Applications 2002COM-N Module
Advanced Database Systems COM3037-N Module
Advanced Database Systems COM3018-N Module
Advanced Database Systems (Franchise) SPT-13070 Module
Advanced Database Systems (HKIT) SPT-13183 Module
Advanced Design Techniques GAV3002-N Module
Advanced Digital Image Techniques GAV3003-N Module
Advanced Facilitation in Dance PER4013-N Module
Advanced Game Mechanics GAV4003-N Module
Advanced Game Prototyping GAV4004-N Module
Advanced Games Development VIS3107-N Module
Advanced Games Development. VIS3073-N Module
Advanced Individual Research Project PER4016-N Module
Advanced IT Professional MUL2026-N Module
Advanced Java Programming COM2053-N Module
Advanced Java Programming CIS2001-N Module
Advanced Java Programming COM2026-N Module
Advanced Java Programming (HKIT) SPT-13668 Module
Advanced law and regulation MED4047-N Module
Advanced Lighting and Shaders GAV3004-N Module
Advanced Multimedia Development MUL3034-N Module
Advanced Music Composition Arranging VIS3092-N Module
Advanced Networks COM3005-N Module
Advanced Networks COM3038-N Module
Advanced Networks COM3021-N Module
Advanced Networks (Franchise) SPT-13041 Module
Advanced Networks (HKIT) SPT-13672 Module
Advanced Networks (Londontec) SPT-13272 Module
Advanced Networks (MDIS) SPT-13596 Module
Advanced Networks - MDIS SPT-13416 Module
Advanced News Room Practice MPR3017-N Module
Advanced Performance and Production Practice PER3023-N Module
Advanced Performance Practice PER3004-N Module
Advanced Security Techniques COM3065-N Module
Advanced Server-side Technologies MUL3055-N Module
Advanced Server-Side Technologies (HKIT) SPT-13670 Module
Advanced Server-Side Technologies (Londontec) SPT-13273 Module
Advanced Sound & Vision MFP2007-N Module
Advanced Technique Skills MFP2002-N Module
Agent Based Modelling COM4085-N Module
Agile Developer CIS2003-N Module
Agile Development Project COM0004-N Module
Agile Development Project CIS0001-N Module
Agile Project Management MUL4058-N Module
AI for Games COM3049-N Module
AI for Games Engines GAV3005-N Module
AI Integration in Games Engines COM4082-N Module
AI Integration in Games Engines COM4059-N Module
Algorithms and Data Structures CIS1002-N Module
Algorithms and Data Structures COM1068-N Module
Algorithms and Programming COM4078-N Module
Algorithms and Programming CIS1020-N Module
Algorithms for Big Data COM2081-N Module
Algorithms for Games GAV2005-N Module
Alternative Programming Approaches COM3017-N Module
An Introduction to Media Studies MED1023-N Module
Anatomy of a Producer MED4058-N Module
Animation and Simulation Programming COM2069-N Module
Animation Basics GAV1032-N Module
Animation for Digital Media MUL1080-N Module
Animation Group Production 1 VIS3093-N Module
Animation Group Production 2 VIS3094-N Module
Animation Industry Skills VIS1059-N Module
Animation Practice 1 VIS4053-N Module
Animation Practice 2 VIS4054-N Module
Animation Pre-production VIS1060-N Module
Animation Production VIS2122-N Module
Animation Short Film Production VIS3109-N Module
Applications in IT 1003COM-N Module
Approaches to Performance I PER1007-N Module
Approaches to Performance II PER1008-N Module
Apps for Social Media MUL2064-N Module
Art in Context PER1049-N Module
Artefacts, Galleries and Public Display DES4035-N Module
Artificial Intelligence Applications VIS3071-N Module
Artificial Intelligence Applications COM3036-N Module
Artificial Intelligence Programming COM2068-N Module
Arts Business PER2055-N Module
Arts Management PER1050-N Module
Arts Management and Production PER1060-N Module
Asset Creation for Games VIS4057-N Module
Asset Design and Modelling GAV1009-N Module
Audio & MIDI Recording Theory CAM1001-N Module
Audio 2.0 MPR2019-N Module
Audio-Visual Narratives MED1049-N Module
Audiovisual Storytelling VIS2151-N Module
Authorship and the Media MED3020-N Module
Authorship and the Media MFP2022-N Module
Behavioural Modelling COM2072-N Module
Beta Arcade GAV3020-N Module
Big Data Group Project COM4087-N Module
Big Data Project COM2073-N Module
Bootcamp MED1056-N Module
Broadcast Media and Film and Television Production Support Site (2017/18) SPT-13673 Module
Broadcast Outside the box MFP2009-N Module
Business Application Technologies MUL1035-N Module
Business Computing Strategy MUL3026-N Module
Business Organisations CIS2024-N Module
C++ Programming COM1074-N Module
C++ Programming GAV1030-N Module
C++ Programming 1 COM1092-N Module
C++ Programming 2 COM1093-N Module
Camera Editing and Performance VIS2150-N Module
Cameras, Controls and Characters VIS3126-N Module
Campaign MED2055-N Module
Casual Game Development VIS2135-N Module
Celebrity MED3007-N Module
Character and Environment Design VIS4051-N Module
Character Production for Games VIS2129-N Module
Children and Young People Project MFP2004-N Module
Choreographic Approaches PER2045-N Module
Cinema in Context MFP2018-N Module
CIS Cyber CIS2006-N Module
Client Consultancy and Project Management MUL4024-N Module
Client Server Technologies MUL2058-N Module
Client Server Technologies (Distance Learning Template) SPT-12991 Module
Client Side Scripting (MDIS Jan18) SPT-13723 Module
Client Side Scripting - MDIS SPT-13406 Module
Client-Based Production (MDIS) SPT-13656 Module
Client-based Production Project MED3050-N Module
Client-Focused Business Solutions MUL3051-N Module
Client-Focused Business Solutions MUL3036-N Module
Client-Focused Business Solutions (MDIS) SPT-13597 Module
Client-Side Development Project CIS1021-N Module
Client-side Programming MUL1077-N Module
Client-Side Programming CIS1003-N Module
Client-Side Scripting CIS1004-N Module
Client-Side Scripting MUL1062-N Module
Cloud and Web Services COM2066-N Module
Coding the Web MUL1083-N Module
Comedy PER2001-N Module
Comics and Identity Politics DES2187-N Module
Comics in the Real World CAM2035-N Module
Comics, Graphic Novels & Sequential Art (2017/8) SPT-13695 Module
Communications and Study Skills COR1005-N Module
Communications Case Study 1001COR-N Module
Compositing for stop motion GAV1035-N Module
Computational Thinking CIS0002-N Module
Computer and Mobile Technologies COM1070-N Module
Computer and Mobile Technologies CIS1005-N Module
Computer and Mobile Technologies (MDIS) SPT-13599 Module
Computer and Mobile Technologies - MDIS SPT-13407 Module
Computer and Network Security COM4052-N Module
Computer and Network Security COM4005-N Module
Computer Animation Project VIS3102-N Module
Computer Character Animation Project GAV3011-N Module
Computer Networks 2003COM-N Module
Computer Networks Group Project COM4093-N Module
Computer Networks Individual Project COM4092-N Module
Computer Science Individual Project COM4089-N Module
Computer Systems COM2002-N Module
Computer Systems COM1085-N Module
Computer Systems and Technologies COM4079-N Module
Computing for Musicians VIS2090-N Module
Computing Project COM3051-N Module
Computing Project (HKIT) SPT-13258 Module
Computing Project (Londontec) SPT-13274 Module
Computing Project Pre-Start SPT-13024 Module
Concept Art VIS3104-N Module
Concept Art VIS3063-N Module
Concept Art (UCPD) GAV1036-N Module
Concept Art Practice VIS4050-N Module
Concept Art Pre-Production GAV1008-N Module
Concept Art Project GAV3008-N Module
Concept Art Project VIS3120-N Module
Concept Art Project Production VIS1085-N Module
Concept Development and Visualisation VIS2148-N Module
Concept Visualisation for Games VIS1063-N Module
Conceptual Design & Creativity VIS2128-N Module
Conceptual Design and Creativity CIS1023-N Module
Conceptual Design Futures VIS3103-N Module
Conceptual Design Futures MUL3035-N Module
Conceptual Design Portfolio MUL4023-N Module
Contemporary AI Planning COM4058-N Module
Contemporary AI Planning COM4083-N Module
Contemporary Art Heritage CAM1022-N Module
Contemporary British Cinema MED3053-N Module
Contemporary Debates in Drawing DES3094-N Module
Contemporary Practice CAM4016-N Module
Contemporary Specialist Practice PER2053-N Module
Contemporary Specialist Practice (S) PER2021-N Module
Contemporary Studies in Concept Art 1 VIS3115-N Module
Contemporary Studies in Concept Art 2 VIS3116-N Module
Contemporary Studies in Games VIS3106-N Module
Contemporary Studies in Games GAV3009-N Module
Contemporary Studies in Games VIS3098-N Module
Content Production MED4048-N Module
Contextual Research and Development GAV3023-N Module
Contextual Studies (S) PER1032-N Module
Contextual Studies 1 PER1061-N Module
Contextual Studies in Games Art VIS4058-N Module
Core Production MFP2005-N Module
Create Devise Develop PER2052-N Module
Creating Media Narratives MFP1012-N Module
Creating Performance PER2002-N Module
Creative Animation Production VIS3062-N Module
Creative Content Development MED3051-N Module
Creative Content Development (MDIS) SPT-13657 Module
Creative Dance Practice PER4012-N Module
Creative Image Production 1002VIS-N Module
Creative Outsourcing for Games VIS1064-N Module
Creative Portfolio Development VIS2145-N Module
Creative Skills and Techniques 1 DES1211-N Module
Creative Skills and Techniques 2 DES1212-N Module
Creative Synthesis COM2041-N Module
Creativity and Design GAV0005-N Module
Creature Animation for Real Time GAV2024-N Module
Critical and Contextual Studies GAV0003-N Module
Critical and Contextual Studies VIS0007-N Module
Cultural Event Management MFP2021-N Module
Cultural Event Management MED2057-N Module
Culture, Society and Art PER3008-N Module
Curating your Digital Self MED1050-N Module
Curating your Digital Self MFP1014-N Module
Current Issues in Media Production MPR3001-N Module
Current Issues in Media Production MFP3010-N Module
Current Issues in Media Production (MDIS) SPT-13659 Module
Current Issues in Public Relations MED4057-N Module
Custom Graphics COM2077-N Module
Customer and User Experience MUL2066-N Module
Cut Sequence Design for Games VIS2112-N Module
Dance and Performance PER2005-N Module
Dance and Performance PER2046-N Module
Dance Contextual Studies PER1014-N Module
Dance Education PER1054-N Module
Dance Facilitation PER2048-N Module
Dance For The Camera PER2007-N Module
Dance in Context PER4015-N Module
Dance in Education PER1016-N Module
Dance Management PER2006-N Module
Dance Professional Practice PER3019-N Module
Dance Professional Practice - Performance and Professional Events PER3026-N Module
Dance Professional Practice - Student Company PER3025-N Module
Dance Science PER1018-N Module
Dance Technique 1 PER1051-N Module
Dance Technique and Performance 2 PER1052-N Module
Data Acquisition & Security COM1086-N Module
Data Acquisition and Security CIS1006-N Module
Data Analysis Tools COM2078-N Module
Data Governance COM3066-N Module
Data Mining COM3056-N Module
Data Visualisation COM3057-N Module
Database Development COM4017-N Module
Database Systems COM2027-N Module
Databases and SQL 2006COM-N Module
Deep Listening VIS2086-N Module
Design for Usability MUL2003-N Module
Developing a Personal Style DES3096-N Module
Developing an action plan MED4074-N Module
Developing Contextual Studies A FAE2016-N Module
Developing Contextual Studies B FAE2017-N Module
Developing Studio Practice A FAE2014-N Module
Developing Studio Practice B FAE2015-N Module
Developing Technique Skills MFP1002-N Module
Developing Technologies COM1062-N Module
Development of the Industry DES1201-N Module
Devices and Systems COM1050-N Module
Digital Compositing GAV2038-N Module
Digital Content Production MUL2072-N Module
Digital Culture MUL1071-N Module
Digital Features MFP2030-N Module
Digital Features MED2069-N Module
Digital Futures MUL3058-N Module
Digital Image Techniques GAV2007-N Module
Digital Image Techniques VIS2155-N Module
Digital Investigations COM2025-N Module
Digital Media Business and Marketing VIS3112-N Module
Digital Media Project MFP1004-N Module
Digital Media Project MUL3065-N Module
Digital Media Project COM3044-N Module
Digital Music Making MUL1050-N Module
Digital Photography for the web MUL1082-N Module
Digital Portfolio MFP1018-N Module
Digital Sculpting GAV2008-N Module
Digital Sculpting and Texturing for Games VIS4056-N Module
Digital Sport Portfolio MFP1019-N Module
Digital Sport Reporting MFP2025-N Module
Digital Sports Reporting MED2067-N Module
Digital Storytelling Project VIS3117-N Module
Digital Strategy MUL2065-N Module
Digital Strategy Development Project MUL3056-N Module
Digital Visual Effects and Compositing VIS2124-N Module
Digital Visual Effects and Compositing 1 VIS2156-N Module
Digital Visual Effects and Compositing 2 VIS2157-N Module
Discovering a Personal Practice CAM1018-N Module
DL Sandbox - Advanced Database Systems SPT-13088 Module
DL Sandbox - Advanced Networks SPT-13089 Module
DL Sandbox - Advanced Server-side Technologies SPT-13091 Module
DL Sandbox - ICT Service Management SPT-13090 Module
DL Sandbox - Practical Project SPT-13092 Module
Documentary Production MED2062-N Module
Drama: From Page to Screen MED1055-N Module
Drawing for Animation VIS1053-N Module
Drawing for Concept Artists VIS4049-N Module
Drawing for Games and Animation 1 GAV1015-N Module
Drawing for Games and Animation 2 GAV2009-N Module
Drawing for Games and Animation 3 GAV3010-N Module
Drawing Principles GAV0004-N Module
Dynamic HTML and CSS COM1078-N Module
Dynamic Web Sites 2003MUL-N Module
e-Business and e-Marketing Project MUL1072-N Module
E-commerce Management MUL4030-N Module
E-commerce Management COM4070-N Module
E-Commerce Management (Botho) SPT-13166 Module
Effects Animation VIS2161-N Module
Effects Animation VIS4066-N Module
Effects Animation GAV2010-N Module
Embedded Systems COM3039-N Module
Embodied Technique MFP2001-N Module
Emerging Database Technologies COM3058-N Module
Emerging Database Technologies CIS4008-N Module
Emerging Technologies COM3019-N Module
Engaging with Art: Reading Thinking & Writing in Year Three (B) FAE3011-N Module
Engaging with Art: Reading, Thinking & Writing in Year Three FAE3009-N Module
Enterprise Project COM2060-N Module
Enterprise Project MUL2019-N Module
Enterprise Project (Computer Security and Networks) SPT-13733 Module
Enterprise Project (CS Networks) SPT-13734 Module
Enterprise Project (CS Programming) SPT-13731 Module
Enterprise Project (Information Systems) SPT-13732 Module
Enterprise Project (MDIS Jan18) SPT-13721 Module
Enterprise Project - MDIS SPT-13415 Module
Enterprise Server Management COM3067-N Module
Enterprise Visualisation COM3061-N Module
Entrepreneurial Digital Publishing MED4053-N Module
Entrepreneurial Journalism MED3030-N Module
Environment Production for Games VIS2136-N Module
Exergame for Primary Schools SPT-13704 Module
Exhibition Project FAE3008-N Module
Experimental Digital Production MED2064-N Module
Experimental Digital Production MFP2012-N Module
Experimental Digital Production (MDIS) SPT-13759 Module
Exploiting Digital Technologies MUL3064-N Module
Extended Literature Critique PER3031-N Module
Fiction Production MED2066-N Module
Fiction Production MFP2015-N Module
Fiction Production (MDIS) SPT-13761 Module
Film & Music MFP2023-N Module
Film Theory/Practice MFP1013-N Module
Final Major Project PER3002-N Module
Final Major Project Proposal PER3030-N Module
Final Project (Dissertation) MED4021-N Module
Final Project Multimedia MED4052-N Module
Final Year Creative Project PER3017-N Module
Fine Art (2017/18) SPT-13690 Module
Fine Art Dissertation FAE3013-N Module
Formal Aspects of Computing COM3022-N Module
Foundation Mathematics MUL0001-N Module
Foundation Project GAV0008-N Module
Foundation Project VIS0008-N Module
Foundation Project VIS0002-N Module
Foundation Project 1 VIS00011-N Module
Foundation Project 2 VIS00012-N Module
Foundations of Computing Research MUL4040-N Module
Front End Development MUL2067-N Module
Front End Development CIS2009-N Module
Functional & Symbolic Programming CIS4007-N Module
Funding and Finance MED4060-N Module
Future Thinking Technologies GAV4016-N Module
Game AI – Individual Project COM4086-N Module
Game Asset Creation GAV1022-N Module
Game Design and Mechanics VIS1062-N Module
Game Design and Mechanics VIS1088-N Module
Game Design and Mechanics GAV1002-N Module
Game Development VIS4047-N Module
Game Development GAV2011-N Module
Game Interface Design GAV2012-N Module
Game Jam GAV2013-N Module
Game Jam COM2064-N Module
Game Mechanics VIS4048-N Module
Game Middleware GAV1018-N Module
Game Production VIS4073-N Module
Game Production and Project Management GAV1021-N Module
Game Prototyping VIS4059-N Module
Game Prototyping GAV1020-N Module
Game Publishing GAV3012-N Module
Gameplay Scripting GAV1023-N Module
Gameplay Scripting for Unity VIS1095-N Module
Gameplay Scripting for Unreal VIS2165-N Module
Games and Narratives CAM4024-N Module
Games Art Project GAV3013-N Module
Games Business and Marketing GAV2015-N Module
Games Design & Production VIS2132-N Module
Games Design Project GAV3014-N Module
Games Development Project VIS4074-N Module
Games Development with C++ GAV1031-N Module
Games Device Programming VIS3065-N Module
Games Engine Construction GAV2016-N Module
Games Engine Construction COM2063-N Module
Games Front End Interface and HUD Design VIS3099-N Module
Games Futures VIS3011-N Module
Games Futures VIS3072-N Module
Games Interface Design VIS3110-N Module
Games Middleware COM1079-N Module
Games Practical Project COM3045-N Module
Games Programming Project GAV3027-N Module
Games Prototyping VIS1089-N Module
Games Studies GAV1004-N Module
Games Technical Art GAV2017-N Module
Games Technology VIS1031-N Module
Games Writing GAV3015-N Module
Getting Started with Mathematics MUL0002-N Module
Global Communication MFP2024-N Module
Global Communication MED4077-N Module
Graduate Skills SPT-13608 Module
Graduate Skills SPT-13421 Module
Graduate Skills SPT-12956 Module
Green-Light GAV2006-N Module
Group Production (Broadcast Media) MPR2017-N Module
Group Production (Television and Film) MED2036-N Module
Group Project VIS4079-N Module
Group Project 2002COR-N Module
Hacking the Human CIS4012-N Module
Hard Surface Modelling GAV2018-N Module
Health and Wellbeing Project MFP2003-N Module
Health Systems COM1057-N Module
History of Games VIS1069-N Module
History of Games VIS1032-N Module
History of Illustration VIS1082-N Module
History of Moving Pictures VIS1042-N Module
HUD and UI Development VIS2166-N Module
Human Computer Interfaces 2011MUL-N Module
Hybrid App Development CIS2010-N Module
Hybrid App Development MUL2069-N Module
Hybrid App Development Project CIS2023-N Module
ICT Service Management COM3012-N Module
ICT Service Management COM3023-N Module
ICT Service Management COM3040-N Module
ICT Service Management (Botho University) SPT-13161 Module
ICT Service Management (Franchise) SPT-13128 Module
ICT Service Management (HKIT) SPT-13263 Module
ICT Service Management (HKIT) SPT-13184 Module
ICT Service Management (Londontec) SPT-13275 Module
ICT Service Management (MDIS) SPT-13598 Module
Image Synthesis VIS3064-N Module
Imaging Techniques for VFX GAV1012-N Module
Inclusive Design MUL4052-N Module
Independent Project (Broadcast Media Production) MED3054-N Module
Independent Project (Broadcast Media Production) (MDIS) SPT-13660 Module
Independent Project (Television and Broadcast Media Production) SPT-13726 Module
Independent Project (Television) MED3052-N Module
Independent Studio Practice FAE3010-N Module
Independent Studio Practice (B) FAE3012-N Module
Indie Game Programming COM1084-N Module
Indie Game Project GAV3016-N Module
Indie Games Practical Project COM3054-N Module
Individual Production Portfolio MFP2008-N Module
Individual Production Portfolio MED2034-N Module
Industry Focused Development MUL2060-N Module
Industry Project MUL2043-N Module
Industry Project MUL2061-N Module
Infographics Production COM3062-N Module
Information Resources Management MUL3014-N Module
Information Security and Cybercrime CIS1007-N Module
Information Security and Cybercrime COM1091-N Module
Information Security Management COM2083-N Module
Information Systems Development CIS0003-N Module
Information Systems Management COM4069-N Module
Information Systems Management (Botho) SPT-13680 Module
Information Systems Management (Franchise) SPT-13043 Module
Information Systems Security CIS2012-N Module
Information Systems Security COM2067-N Module
Information Systems Security COM2036-N Module
Information Systems Security (MDIS Jan-18) SPT-13729 Module
Information Systems Security (MDIS) SPT-13593 Module
Information Systems Security - MDIS SPT-13413 Module
Information Technology Systems Management CIS4022-N Module
Inquiry Methods for Digital Media MUL4028-N Module
Intelligent Multimodal Interaction COM4064-N Module
Intelligent Multimodal Interaction COM4088-N Module
Interactive Animation MUL1063-N Module
Interactive Graphics COM3063-N Module
Interactive Narratives MPR2018-N Module
Interactive Narratives for Journalists MED2061-N Module
Interface and Asset Management MUL1076-N Module
Interface and Digital Content Design MUL1064-N Module
Internet Architecture and Security CIS1008-N Module
Internet Architecture and Security MUL1078-N Module
Internet Architecture and Security (MDIS Jan18) SPT-13724 Module
Internship COM4081-N Module
Internship (Advanced Practice) CIS4006-N Module
Introduction to 2D and 3D Computer Animation VIS1066-N Module
Introduction to 2D and 3D Computer Animation 1 VIS1086-N Module
Introduction to 2D and 3D Computer Animation 2 VIS1087-N Module
Introduction to 3D Animation VIS1090-N Module
Introduction to 3D Modelling VIS1067-N Module
Introduction to 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering VIS1054-N Module
Introduction to Animation for Games VIS1068-N Module
Introduction to Animation for Games VIS1044-N Module
Introduction to Asset Creation for Games VIS1035-N Module
Introduction to Computer Music VIS1017-N Module
Introduction to Computing MUL0003-N Module
Introduction to Databases MUL1074-N Module
Introduction to Digital Art VIS0006-N Module
Introduction to Digital Art VIS0003-N Module
Introduction to Digital Image Techniques VIS1083-N Module
Introduction to Digital Image Techniques GAV1014-N Module
Introduction to Digital Sculpting GAV1017-N Module
Introduction to Digital Visual Effects and Compositing VIS1055-N Module
Introduction to Document Production MUL0004-N Module
Introduction to Drawing Techniques VIS0009-N Module
Introduction to Drawing Techniques VIS0005-N Module
Introduction to Mathematics COM0002-N Module
Introduction to Mathematics CIS0004-N Module
Introduction to Moving Image Studies (Film History and Film Theory) MFP1010-N Module
Introduction to Narrative and Storytelling 1 VIS1096-N Module
Introduction to Narrative and Storytelling 2 VIS1097-N Module
Introduction to Networks and Computer Security COM1072-N Module
Introduction to Networks and Computer Security - MDIS SPT-13408 Module
Introduction to Physical Simulation GAV1027-N Module
Introduction to Physical Simulation VIS1092-N Module
Introduction to Physical Simulation GAV-1027-N Module
Introduction to Pre-Vis VIS2152-N Module
Introduction to Professional Practice PER1046-N Module
Introduction to Programming CIS0005-N Module
Introduction to Programming COM0003-N Module
Introduction to Programming with JavaScript MUL1075-N Module
Introduction to Programming with JavaScript CIS1009-N Module
Introduction to Routers COM1001-N Module
Introduction to Stop Motion GAV1034-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies A FAE1021-N Module
Introductory Contextual Studies B FAE1022-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice A FAE1019-N Module
Introductory Studio Practice B FAE1020-N Module
IoT Security CIS4019-N Module
IS Developer CIS2007-N Module
IT & People MUL3028-N Module
IT Ethics and Law CIS4013-N Module
IT Law COM3048-N Module
IT Law MUL3029-N Module
IT Law (MDIS) SPT-13655 Module
IT Law - MDIS SPT-13417 Module
Java Applications Development CIS1011-N Module
Java Programming COM1077-N Module
Java Programming CIS1010-N Module
Java Programming 1 COM1037-N Module
Java Programming 1 COM1055-N Module
Java Programming 2 COM1038-N Module
Java Programming 2 COM1054-N Module
Journalism (Issues and Debates) MED2015-N Module
Journalism and democracy MED4046-N Module
Journalism and News Culture MFP1020-N Module
Journalism for Digital and Social Media MFP2026-N Module
Journalism for Digital and Social Media MED2068-N Module
Journalism for the Broadcast Media MPR3002-N Module
Journalism Project - Professional Case Study MPR3019-N Module
Journalism Sound and Vision MFP1016-N Module
Journalism: Sound and Vision MED1064-N Module
Journeyman GAV2019-N Module
Kino GAV2033-N Module
Knowledge Representation COM2074-N Module
LAN Switching, VLANS and Wireless Networks MUL2029-N Module
Law and Regulation for Journalists MFP1017-N Module
Law and Regulation for Journalists MED1051-N Module
Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Dance PER4014-N Module
Learning Technology MUL4021-N Module
Level Design & Production for Games VIS2137-N Module
Lighting & Texturing for Games VIS2134-N Module
Lighting and Look Development GAV2020-N Module
Lights, Camera, Action: The Language of Film MED2056-N Module
Live Action and Studio Practice VIS1043-N Module
Live Campaign MFP2020-N Module
Live Group Production Project MED3041-N Module
Live Performance Project PER2036-N Module
Live Project (40 credits) VIS2085-N Module
MA Journalism Dissertation MED4054-N Module
MA Producing for Film and Television (2017/18) SPT-13677 Module
Machine Learning COM3059-N Module
Machine Learning and Game Analytics COM4090-N Module
Mad Men, Wise Guys, and Dodgy Knitwear: Transatlantic TV in the 21st Century MED2053-N Module
Magazine Journalism MED2059-N Module
Major Development Project MED4064-N Module
Major Project: Production (Broadcast Media) MPR3015-N Module
Major Project: Production (Television and Film) MED3043-N Module
Major Project: Research MED3016-N Module
Major Project: The Visual Voice DES3093-N Module
Making it in the Media MED1046-N Module
Making it in the Media 2 MED2035-N Module
Making it in the Media 2 (MDIS) SPT-13760 Module
Making it in the Media 3 MED3040-N Module
Making it in the Media 3 (MDIS) SPT-13658 Module
Making Waves: the politics of graphical representation DES1204-N Module
Managing a Server Environment MUL2030-N Module
Managing Projects with PRINCE2 COM4077-N Module
Marketing Art for Games and Animation GAV1016-N Module
Marketing Strategy and Optimisation MUL3057-N Module
Marketing, Distribution and Exhibition MED4062-N Module
Mash ups and Commercial API's MUL3061-N Module
Masters Internship SPT-13060 Module
Masters Project and Dissertation SPT-12523 Module
Masters Project: 3D Games Art GAV4042-N Module
Masters Project: Computer Animation and Visual Effects VIS4072-N Module
Masters Project: Computer Character Animation VIS4069-N Module
Masters Project: Computer Games Art VIS4064-N Module
Masters Project: Computing COM4060-N Module
Masters Project: Computing Security and Networks COM4074-N Module
Masters Project: Concept Art for Games and Animation VIS4067-N Module
Masters Project: Cybersecurity CIS4018-N Module
Masters Project: Data Science CIS4016-N Module
Masters Project: Fine Art CAM4020-N Module
Masters Project: Games Artificial Intelligence COM4076-N Module
Masters Project: Games Development VIS4065-N Module
Masters Project: Immersive Events CAM4027-N Module
Masters Project: IT Project Management CIS4026-N Module
Masters Project: IT Project Management COM4073-N Module
Masters Project: Mobile App Development COM4075-N Module
Masters Project: Producing for Animation and Games VIS4086-N Module
Masters Project: Software Engineering COM4071-N Module
Masters Project: User Experience Design MUL4057-N Module
Mathematics COM1048-N Module
Mathematics and Problem Solving CIS1013-N Module
Mathematics for Computing COM1073-N Module
Maths & Algorithms VIS1094-N Module
Maths for Games GAV1019-N Module
Mechanical Asset Creation for Games VIS2130-N Module
Media Audiences: Fans, Users, Creators MFP1024-N Module
Media Futures MED3036-N Module
Media Performance PER1045-N Module
Media Production and Content Creation MPR1047-N Module
Media Studies Dissertation MED3032-N Module
Media Texts in Context MED2018-N Module
Media Theories, Thinkers and Texts MFP1023-N Module
Media, Money and Power MED3055-N Module
Media, Truth and Lies MFP2017-N Module
Minor Project DES2190-N Module
Mission Design GAV2021-N Module
Mobile and Gaming Devices GAV3018-N Module
Mobile App Programming COM4053-N Module
Mobile Apps Development MUL4050-N Module
Mobile Games Development COM3042-N Module
Mobile Services COM2084-N Module
Mobile Services CIS2013-N Module
Mobile Systems and Communications COM4068-N Module
Mobile Systems and Communications (Botho) SPT-13102 Module
Mobile Systems and Cybersecurity CIS4020-N Module
Mobile Web Services COM4054-N Module
Modelling and Rigging for 3D Computer Animation VIS2125-N Module
Modelling for Games GAV1006-N Module
Modelling Principles GAV0007-N Module
Models of Natural Systems COM3060-N Module
Motion Capture GAV2022-N Module
Motion Capture & Animation for Games VIS2140-N Module
Moving Image Production MUL2071-N Module
Multimedia Journalism Project MED3031-N Module
Multimedia Narratives MED4056-N Module
Multimedia News MFP2029-N Module
Multimodal Interfaces for Games COM2061-N Module
Multiplatform Apps MUL2059-N Module
Multiplatform UX Design MUL1070-N Module
Multiplayer and Social Games COM3046-N Module
Multiplayer Games Programming VIS3067-N Module
Music and Sound for the Moving Image VIS2087-N Module
Music Application Development VIS3020-N Module
Music Composition, Orchestration and Arranging VIS3022-N Module
Music Plug-In Development VIS3021-N Module
Music Sound and Video VIS1061-N Module
Music, Composition and Arranging VIS2088-N Module
Narrative and Contextual Studies VIS1081-N Module
Narrative Arts DES1202-N Module
Narrative Interpretation for Visualisation COM1087-N Module
Narrative Principles GAV0006-N Module
Negotiated Media Project MED3049-N Module
Negotiated Project MED4063-N Module
Network and Concurrent Programming COM2065-N Module
Network and Multiplayer Gaming GAV2023-N Module
Network and Systems Administration (Botho) SPT-13213 Module
Network Architecture CIS1014-N Module
Network Architectures COM1088-N Module
Network Infrastructures COM2082-N Module
Network Scripting CIS1001-N Module
Network Scripting COM1090-N Module
Network Service Management COM4051-N Module
Networking Theory & Concepts MUL1038-N Module
Networks and Communications COM2056-N Module
Networks and Communications COM2028-N Module
Networks and Communications (HKIT) SPT-13671 Module
Networks and System Administration COM4001-N Module
Networks and Systems Administration CIS2015-N Module
Networks and Systems Administration COM2030-N Module
Networks and Systems Administration COM2057-N Module
Networks and Systems Administration (HKIT) SPT-13669 Module
Networks and Systems Administration (MDIS Jan-18) SPT-13728 Module
Networks and Systems Administration (MDIS) SPT-13594 Module
Networks and Systems Administration - MDIS SPT-13412 Module
News Portfolio MED1063-N Module
News Portfolio (Practical) MPR3016-N Module
News Reporting MED1054-N Module
Non-Bipedal Animation for Games VIS2138-N Module
Non-Digital Game Development GAV1005-N Module
Object-Oriented Programming COM4062-N Module
On-Line Business Systems MUL3030-N Module
Online Business Systems (Botho University) SPT-13160 Module
Online Business Systems (Franchise) SPT-13042 Module
Open Source Web Design MUL2062-N Module
Open Source Web Design MUL2041-N Module
Open Source Web Design (MDIS) SPT-13654 Module
Open Source Web Design - MDIS SPT-13414 Module
Optimisation COM2075-N Module
Organic Modelling GAV2025-N Module
Paths, Objectives and Goals VIS3127-N Module
Pattern Based Software Development COM4018-N Module
Pattern-Driven Development COM4055-N Module
Patterns and Frameworks MUL3059-N Module
Performance and Events in Alternative Spaces PER2043-N Module
Performance and Events in the Community PER2054-N Module
Performance and Events in the Community PER2037-N Module
Performance and Production Industry Practice PER3022-N Module
Performance and Production Investigation PER3020-N Module
Performance and Production Realisation PER3021-N Module
Performance in Context PER1055-N Module
Performance Investigation PER3003-N Module
Performance Practice I Dance PER1033-N Module
Performance Practice I Drama PER1034-N Module
Performance Practice I Music PER1035-N Module
Performance Practice One Dance PER1062-N Module
Performance Practice One Drama PER1063-N Module
Performance Practice One Music PER1064-N Module
Performance Practice Two Dance PER2058-N Module
Performance Practice Two Drama PER2057-N Module
Performance Practice Two Music PER2056-N Module
Performance Processes PER2039-N Module
Performance Research PER2042-N Module
Performance Theory Workshop PER2049-N Module
Performance, Production & Portfolio 2 VIS2089-N Module
Performance, Production and Portfolio 3 VIS3091-N Module
Performing Arts Team (2017/18) SPT-13697 Module
Personal and Professional Development 2 MPR3018-N Module
Personal Portfolio Development VIS3118-N Module
Physical Simulation VIS2163-N Module
Physics Simulation COM3047-N Module
Physics Simulation VIS3068-N Module
Placement 2017/2018 SPT-13606 Module
Placement Module SPT-12396 Module
Planning Applications for Interactive Entertainment COM4067-N Module
Platforms and Peripherals GAV2027-N Module
Plug-in Development VIS2162-N Module
Portfolio Development and Professional Mentoring VIS4090-N Module
Post/Studio Practice CAM4019-N Module
Power of Sport MFP2028-N Module
Practical Journalism MED2048-N Module
Practical Project (40 Credits) MUL3031-N Module
Practical Project (60 Credits) MUL3032-N Module
Practical Project (Botho Feb 15) SPT-13129 Module
Practical Project (Botho University) SPT-13162 Module
Practical Project (HKIT Feb 15) SPT-13131 Module
Practical Project (HKIT) SPT-13185 Module
Practical Project (LTec Feb 15) SPT-13130 Module
Practical Project (Prague Feb 15) SPT-13132 Module
Practical Project (S Coll) SPT-13182 Module
Practice Based Research GAV2028-N Module
Practice Based research VIS2149-N Module
Practice-based Research CAM4017-N Module
Pre-Production MFP1006-N Module
Pre-Vis and Cinematography GAV1029-N Module
Pre-Vis Production VIS3119-N Module
Presenting and Curating FAE2012-N Module
Presenting Artefacts FAE1017-N Module
Principles of Computer Systems 2007COM-N Module
Principles of Maintaining Computer Systems MUL1039-N Module
Principles of Performance PER1047-N Module
Principles of Production PER1048-N Module
Probabilistic Reasoning for Games COM4066-N Module
Problem Solving COM0001-N Module
Problem Solving Principles GAV0002-N Module
Procedural Animation VIS3069-N Module
Procedural Visual Effects VIS3024-N Module
Production Contexts MED2033-N Module
Production Management MED4061-N Module
Production Processes PER2040-N Module
Production: Audio and Video MFP1005-N Module
Production: Drama from Page to Screen MFP1008-N Module
Production: Multicamera and Radio Studio MFP1007-N Module
Professional Development and Careers MED3037-N Module
Professional Development for Non-Traditional Journalism MED2052-N Module
Professional Development in Communications MED4051-N Module
Professional Development in Media Production 1 MFP1009-N Module
Professional Development in Media Production 2 MFP2006-N Module
Professional Development Three(Advanced Newsroom Practice) MED3039-N Module
Professional Development Two MED2017-N Module
Professional Performance Practice PER3005-N Module
Professional Performance Practices 1 PER3028-N Module
Professional Performance Practices 2 PER3029-N Module
Professional Portfolio Development GAV2029-N Module
Professional Practice GAV3021-N Module
Professional Practice and Critical Studies CAM4018-N Module
Professional Practice II PER2041-N Module
Professional Strategies MFP2027-N Module
Professional Working MFP1022-N Module
Project and Dissertation COM4016-N Module
Project Management with Prince2 MUL4041-N Module
Project Management with Prince2 MUL3043-N Module
Project Pre-Production VIS4055-N Module
Project, Research and Development MUL4032-N Module
Props, Sets and Characters GAV2034-N Module
Public Relations MED3047-N Module
Public Relations Campaigns MFP2016-N Module
Public Relations Multimedia Campaign MED4055-N Module
Python Programming VIS1091-N Module
Python Programming GAV1010-N Module
Quantitative Visualisation CIS4009-N Module
Quantitative Visualisation COM2079-N Module
Radio Drama PER1056-N Module
Rapid Application Development COM4050-N Module
Rapid Application Development (Botho) SPT-13167 Module
Rapid Application Development (Franchise) SPT-13071 Module
Rapid Development Systems COM2059-N Module
Rapid Development Systems COM2032-N Module
Rapid Development Systems (MDIS Jan-18) SPT-13730 Module
Rapid Development Systems (MDIS) SPT-13595 Module
Rapid Development Systems - MDIS SPT-13411 Module
Rapid Development Tools COM1075-N Module
Rapid Development Tools CIS1017-N Module
Rapid Development Tools COM4019-N Module
Rapid Development Tools COM1045-N Module
Rapid Development Tools (Franchise) SPT-13072 Module
Rapid Development Tools (MDIS Jan18) SPT-13722 Module
Rapid Development Tools - MDIS SPT-13410 Module
Reading Performance PER2050-N Module
Real Time Graphics COM3050-N Module
Real-Time Graphics GAV4011-N Module
Real-Time Graphics VIS3070-N Module
Realistic Simulation VIS4019-N Module
Relational Databases COM2076-N Module
Renderer Programming VIS3124-N Module
Reporting MED1062-N Module
Representation, Depiction and Modernity DES4032-N Module
Research in Practice PER3024-N Module
Research Methods CIS4011-N Module
Research Methods GAV4017-N Module
Research Methods for Computing COM4061-N Module
Research Methods in Games SPT-13165 Module
Research Methods in Games GAV4007-N Module
Research Project VIS4078-N Module
Researching Communications MED4049-N Module
Researching Journalism and Communications MED4019-N Module
Researching the Arts PER3018-N Module
Rich Internet Applications MUL3033-N Module
Rigging VIS2160-N Module
Rigging for VFX VIS4075-N Module
Routers and Routing Protocols MUL1040-N Module
Safe Dance Teaching Practice PER2047-N Module
Scriptwriting MED2032-N Module
Scriptwriting and Screenplay VIS2154-N Module
Server Administration COM2085-N Module
Server Administration CIS2018-N Module
Server-side Development MUL2068-N Module
Server-side Development CIS2019-N Module
Shader Development VIS2164-N Module
Shaping the Future DES2189-N Module
Simulation Tools and Techniques VIS4076-N Module
Sketchbook VIS0010-N Module
Sketchbook VIS0004-N Module
Skills for Success in Computing COM1083-N Module
Software Architecture COM3041-N Module
Software Architecture COM3020-N Module
Software Engineering Processes COM4057-N Module
Sound and Video Editing 2001VIS-N Module
Specialist Networks COM3064-N Module
Sport and Society MFP1021-N Module
Sport Reporting CAM1027-N Module
Sports Journalism MED0016-N Module
Sports Journalism MED2071-N Module
Statistics and Research Methods for Computing CIS4005-N Module
Statistics and Research Methods for Computing COM4091-N Module
Story and Talent Development MED4059-N Module
Storyboarding and Cinematography VIS1080-N Module
Storytelling: Creating Narratives for the Media MED1038-N Module
Student Support SPT-13422 Module
Student Support SPT-13604 Module
Student Support SPT-12955 Module
Studio Development VIS4060-N Module
Studio Development and Professional Practice VIS4091-N Module
Studio Production MUL3063-N Module
Studio Project MFP1003-N Module
Supervised Work Experience CIS2022-N Module
Supervised Work Experience COM3052-N Module
Symbolic AI for Games COM4065-N Module
Symbolic Computation CIS2020-N Module
Systems Administration and Security CIS4017-N Module
Systems Administration and Security COM4056-N Module
Systems Analysis & Design MUL4033-N Module
Systems Analysis and Design 1001COM-N Module
Systems Analysis and Design COM4063-N Module
Systems Analysis and Design (Botho) SPT-13188 Module
Systems Analysis and Design (Franchise) SPT-13073 Module
Systems Design COM1047-N Module
Systems Design (Southern College) SPT-12360 Module
Systems Design and Databases CIS1018-N Module
Systems Design and Databases COM1076-N Module
Systems Design and Databases (MDIS) SPT-13591 Module
Systems Design and Databases - MDIS SPT-13409 Module
Systems Development Methods COM2035-N Module
Technical Animation VIS3014-N Module
Technical Authoring MUL1073-N Module
Technical Direction for Visual Effects Project VIS3125-N Module
Technical Enterprise Solutions MUL3060-N Module
Technical Game Development Project VIS3128-N Module
Technique Fundamentals MFP1001-N Module
Television and Popular Culture MFP2019-N Module
Test Driven Development MUL4026-N Module
The Industry Today DES2188-N Module
The IT Professional MUL1037-N Module
The Journeyman Project VIS2131-N Module
The Performer and The Industry PER2004-N Module
Theoretical Approaches: The state of the art DES1203-N Module
Trend Analysis Modelling COM2080-N Module
Understanding the Market MED4075-N Module
User Experience Modelling MUL4053-N Module
User Support 2004COM-N Module
VFX and Compositing GAV1028-N Module
VFX Group Project VIS4088-N Module
VFX Industry Practice VIS4063-N Module
VFX Industry Research VIS3123-N Module
VFX Project VIS4087-N Module
VFX Scripting GAV1007-N Module
Visual Development for Animation VIS2126-N Module
Visual Development for Visual Effects VIS2127-N Module
Visual Iconography GAV1003-N Module
Visual Impact MUL4025-N Module
Visual Scripting GAV1001-N Module
Visual Scripting for Unreal SPT-13691 Module
Visual Scripting Principles GAV0001-N Module
Visual Storytelling VIS4061-N Module
Volunteer Placement MED2054-N Module
Web and Mobile Development MUL1069-N Module
Web and Mobile Development CIS1019-N Module
Web and Mobile Development (MDIS) SPT-13592 Module
Web and Mobile Development - MDIS SPT-13405 Module
Web Animation 2002MUL-N Module
Web Apps and Services CIS2021-N Module
Web Authoring MUL2017-N Module
Web Authoring (10 Credits) MUL2036-N Module
Web Development MUL1067-N Module
Web Development Issues MUL3009-N Module
Web Development Project MUL1065-N Module
Web Group Project MUL2070-N Module
Web Industry Skills MUL1066-N Module
Web Optimisation Strategies MUL3049-N Module
Web Production Project MUL3062-N Module
Web Project MUL1029-N Module
Web Project Management Methods CIS1016-N Module
Web Project Management Methods MUL1079-N Module
Web Scripting MUL2021-N Module
Web Services MUL2018-N Module
Web Workshop SPT-13064 Module
Web Workshop 2 SPT-13075 Module
Webcraft CIS2008-N Module
Website Development MUL1054-N Module
Where to from here? DES3095-N Module
Wide Area Networks MUL2027-N Module
Windows Programming MUL2016-N Module
Work Related Contexts PER3012-N Module
Work Related Experience I PER1031-N Module
Work Related Experience II PER2020-N Module
Work Related Experience One PER1059-N Module
Work Related Experience Two PER2051-N Module
Work-Based Learning 1 MUL1036-N Module
Work-Based Learning 2 MUL2028-N Module
Working in the Cultural and Creative Industries (M) PER2014-N Module
Writing for the Screen MED2063-N Module
Writing for the Screen MFP2011-N Module

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