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# BEng Tech (Hons) Mechanical Engineering SPT-12340 Module
Accident Investigation FSI3009-N Module
Advanced Aerodynamics MMD4032-N Module
Advanced Building Information Modelling (HN) 2024ENG-N Module
Advanced Computer-Aided Design Techniques (HN) 2047ENG-N Module
Advanced Construction of Buildings 1005CEN-N Module
Advanced Control Principles (Tuole) 2017ODL-N Module
Advanced Design and Specification (HN) 2023ENG-N Module
Advanced Digital Communication DES2156-N Module
Advanced Fingerprint SCI3010-N Module
Advanced Flight Simulation (Meng) MMD4037-N Module
Advanced Geoinformatics SCI3008-N Module
Advanced Geotechnics CEN4033-N Module
Advanced Geotechnics CEN4016-N Module
Advanced Graphic Projects DES2157-N Module
Advanced Mathematics ENG1018-N Module
Advanced Mathematics For Engineers 2019EAC-N Module
Advanced Mechanical Principles (Tuole) 2016ODL-N Module
Advanced Structural Analysis and Design SPT-13067 Module
Advanced Structural Analysis and Design CEN4002-N Module
Advanced Structural Analysis and Design (MEng) CEN4014-N Module
Advanced Structural Analysis with Dynamics (MEng) MMD4040-N Module
Advanced Structural Design CEN4034-N Module
Advanced Structural Engineering CEN4032-N Module
Advanced Structural Engineering CEN4028-N Module
Advanced Thermodynamics CBE3021-N Module
Advanced Turbine Rotary Wing Mechanical and Flight Systems (HN) 2044ENG-N Module
Advanced Welding Technology 2013MMD-N Module
Advice, Provision And Practice FSI3029-N Module
Aero-Engine And Gas Turbines MMD3042-N Module
Aerodynamic Principles And Aircraft Design 1007MMD-N Module
Aerodynamic Principles And Airworthiness 1022MMD-N Module
Aerodynamics MMD3020-N Module
Aerospace Group Design And Build Project MMD2037-N Module
Aerospace Group Design Project EAC1027-N Module
Aerospace Group Project ENG4008-N Module
Aerospace Materials & Analysis MMD3050-N Module
Aircraft Electrical Power Distribution Systems (Hn) 1036ENG-N Module
Aircraft Gas Turbine Science 2006CBE-N Module
Aircraft Gas Turbine Science 2021MMD-N Module
Aircraft Performance & Structures MMD3041-N Module
Aircraft Propulsion Technology 1009MMD-N Module
Aircraft Propulsion Technology 1019MMD-N Module
Aircraft Structural Integrity 2009MMD-N Module
Aircraft Structures And Materials MMD2036-N Module
Aircraft System Principles And Applications 2020MMD-N Module
Airworthiness Regulations MMD3027-N Module
Alternative Energy Solutions 1038CEN-N Module
Analysis EAC1038-N Module
Analysis of Structures CEN1006-N Module
Analysis, Comparison & Evaluation of Fingerprints (ACE) FSI1011-N Module
Analytical Data Analysis for the Bioprocessing Industry CBE4028-N Module
Analytical Instrumentation 1011EAC-N Module
Analytical Instrumentation (By Flexible Open Learning) 1020COL-N Module
Analytical Laboratory CBE4001-N Module
Analytical Measurement EAC3030-N Module
Analytical Measurement EAC1010-N Module
Analytical Measurement And Smart Sensors EAC3040-N Module
Analytical Methods CBE4002-N Module
Analytical Methods For Engineers 1001EAC-N Module
Analytical Methods For Engineers 1015EAC-N Module
Analytical Methods For Engineers (By Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13392 Module
Analytical Principles CBE1033-N Module
Analytical Science CBE2016-N Module
Analytical Techniques for Engineers MMD2028-N Module
Analytical Techniques for International Foundation Year EAC0006-N Module
Anatomy & Physiology FPL1005-N Module
Applications Of Pneumatics And Hydraulics 1006MMD-N Module
Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13393 Module
Applied Biotechnology CBE4003-N Module
Applied Chemistry Project CBE2031-N Module
Applied Chemistry Work Based Project CBE2040-N Module
Applied Continuum Mechanics MMD4000-N Module
Applied Continuum Mechanics (Meng) MMD4007-N Module
Applied Dynamics MMD3021-N Module
Applied Fluid Mechanics CBE1019-N Module
Architectural Technology 1 DES1167-N Module
Architectural Technology 2 DES2146-N Module
Audio & Midi Recording Theory EAC1006-N Module
Audio & Midi Sequencing EAC1005-N Module
Automotive Engineering And Vehicle Design MMD3015-N Module
Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Design MMD3005-N Module
Automotive Engineering And Vehicle Design EAC4000-N Module
Availability, Reliability And Maintainability MMD3044-N Module
Availability, Reliability, Maintainability and Modelling MMD4035-N Module
Avionics EAC2027-N Module
Avionics And Aerospace Systems MMD2039-N Module
Basic Mathematics ENG0007-N Module
Basic Mathematics By Blended Learning ENG0009-N Module
Bim Principles And Applications 1034CEN-N Module
Biological Waste Treatment CBE4018-N Module
Biology Research Project FPL3020-N Module
Biomanufacturing CBE4006-N Module
Biomedical Science Research Project FPL3023-N Module
Bioprocessing CBE3017-N Module
Bioprocessing CBE3003-N Module
Bioreactors and Fermentation CBE2003-N Module
Bioreactors and Fermentation CBE2023-N Module
Brand Strategy DES2178-N Module
Building Technology 1037CEN-N Module
Business Improvement Techniques 2020EAC-N Module
Business Improvement Techniques (Hn) 1038ENG-N Module
Business Management Techniques 2001EAC-N Module
Business Management Techniques (HN) 2048ENG-N Module
CAD for Fashion and Textiles DES1193-N Module
Cad/Cam 1002MMD-N Module
CAD/CAM and Product Developments (MEng) MMD4005-N Module
Calculus EAC1029-N Module
Calculus EAC1039-N Module
Chemical Laboratory 1 CBE1032-N Module
Chemical Engineering In Practice CBE1028-N Module
Chemical Laboratory 1 CBE1030-N Module
Chemical Laboratory 2 CBE2035-N Module
Chemical Laboratory 2 CBE2014-N Module
Chemical Laboratory 2 CBE2036-N Module
Chemical Laboratory Techniques CBE1034-N Module
Chemical Principles CBE1001-N Module
Chemical Principles CBE1011-N Module
Chemical Science And The Environment CEN0002-N Module
Chemical Synthesis CBE2000-N Module
Chemical Technology CBE2012-N Module
Chemical Thermodynamics CBE1009-N Module
Chemical Thermodynamics CBE1012-N Module
Chemistry For Chemical Engineers 1002CBE-N Module
Chemistry in Practice CBE1031-N Module
Civil Engineering Construction 1001CEN-N Module
Civil Engineering Surveying CEN1010-N Module
Civil Engineering Technology 1005ENG-N Module
Civil Engineering: Research Project (Level 6) SPT-11403 Module
Climate Change and Carbon Footprint Concepts 1029CEN-N Module
Climate Change And Carbon Footprint Concepts (Tuole) 1021ODL-N Module
Combinational and Sequential Logic (HN) 2040ENG-N Module
Combinational And Sequential Logic (Tuole) 2014ODL-N Module
Commercial Opportunity DES2183-N Module
Communication And Laboratory Skills CEN0001-N Module
Communication and Learning Skills 1025CEN-N Module
Communications Principles EAC2026-N Module
Communications Systems EAC3043-N Module
Communications Systems EAC3017-N Module
Community Protection PCI1019-N Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics MMD4030-N Module
Computer Aided Analysis for Pre-Masters Students MMD3025-N Module
Computer Aided Product Design DES2143-N Module
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems MMD3007-N Module
Construction And Operation Of Aircraft Fluid Systems 1018MMD-N Module
Construction Management CEN2026-N Module
Construction Management And Employment Skills CBE3023-N Module
Construction Methods CEN1005-N Module
Construction project ENG3024-N Module
Construction Science And Materials 1015CEN-N Module
Construction Science And Materials 1036CEN-N Module
Construction Science And Materials 1030CEN-N Module
Construction Technology 1031CEN-N Module
Construction Technology 1013CEN-N Module
Construction Technology and Materials CEN1003-N Module
Construction Technology and Materials (MEng) CEN1008-N Module
Consumer Credit and Advice PCI3008-N Module
Consumer Protection FSI3014-N Module
Contemporary Issues DES2175-N Module
Context And Events EAC1031-N Module
Contextual Studies DES1192-N Module
Contextual Writing For Spatial Designers DES3078-N Module
Contingency Planning CEN2022-N Module
Contract PCI1008-N Module
Contract (MEng) PCI1023-N Module
Control EAC3007-N Module
Control EAC3028-N Module
Control I EAC3053-N Module
Control Ii EAC3052-N Module
Control Systems And Automation 2004EAC-N Module
Control Systems and Automation (By Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13443 Module
Control Systems and Automation (HN) 2039ENG-N Module
Control Systems Design and Implementation EAC3022-N Module
Core Mathematics EAC1034-N Module
Crime & Scene Examination PCI1007-N Module
Crime & Scene Examination (Tne) PCI1022-N Module
Crime Scene Investigation PCI2020-N Module
Crime Scene to Court FSI3006-N Module
Cryptography and Steganography FSI3021-N Module
Current Issues In Computer And Digital Forensics PCI0010-N Module
Current Issues in Forensic Practice FPL4014-N Module
Current Issues in Forensic Science FPL2004-N Module
Data Analysis FPL1013-N Module
Data and Physical Analysis PCI1006-N Module
Data Communications And Networks 2005EAC-N Module
Data Compression and Transport EAC3024-N Module
Database - Driven Information Systems EAC2017-N Module
Design And Make 1 DES1200-N Module
Design And Make 2 DES2184-N Module
Design And Specification 1035CEN-N Module
Design for External Evaluation DES3072-N Module
Design For Manufacture 1004MMD-N Module
Design Principles and Application 1002CEN-N Module
Design Project 1032CEN-N Module
Design Project 1: Visual Language DES1171-N Module
Design Project 2: Spatial Design DES1168-N Module
Design Project 3: External Projects DES2148-N Module
Design Project 4: Critical Practice DES2147-N Module
Design Project 5: Experimentation DES3079-N Module
Design Project 6: Research, Development, Presentation DES3076-N Module
Design Projects 1: Form And Function DES1178-N Module
Design Projects 2: Consumer Products DES1175-N Module
Design Projects 3: New Product Development DES2144-N Module
Design Projects 4: Design For Industry Ba DES2142-N Module
Developing Self and Others KAP4001-N Module
Developments in Forensic Science FSI4017-N Module
Differential Equations and Fourier Analysis ENG2020-N Module
Differential Equations and Numerical Methods EAC2042-N Module
Digital And Analogue Devices And Circuits 1002EAC-N Module
Digital and Analogue Devices and Circuits (TUOLE) 1020ODL-N Module
Digital Communication Systems And Scada Systems EAC3057-N Module
Digital Communications EAC3031-N Module
Digital Comunications EAC3011-N Module
Digital Control Design And Implementation EAC4023-N Module
Digital Design 1: Professional Presentation DES1172-N Module
Digital Design 2: 3D Modelling And Visualisation DES2149-N Module
Digital Electronics & Microprocessors EAC1000-N Module
Digital Electronics and Embedded Systems EAC2025-N Module
Digital Electronics And Microprocessors EAC1015-N Module
Digital Evidence Developments FSI3020-N Module
Digital Forensic Investigation PCI1005-N Module
Digital Graphic Communication DES1165-N Module
Digital Information Management in Construction ENG3022-N Module
Disaster Management And Logistics CEN3003-N Module
Disaster Management And Logistics (Beng Tech) MMD3049-N Module
Dissertation KAP4007-N Module
Distributed Control Systems 1003CBE-N Module
Domestic Renewable Technologies 1026CEN-N Module
Drilling Engineering And Well Completion CBE4015-N Module
Drilling Engineering And Well Completion CBE4021-N Module
EDA (Electronic Design Automation) and Rapid Prototyping EAC4002-N Module
Electric Drive Systems 2 EAC3050-N Module
Electric Drive Systems I EAC3051-N Module
Electrical And Electronic Engineering Science EAC0004-N Module
Electrical And Electronic Principles 2006EAC-N Module
Electrical Power and Drive Systems EAC3020-N Module
Electrical Principles EAC1018-N Module
Electrical Services (By Flexible Open Learning) 1013COL-N Module
Electrical Supply and Distribution (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13400 Module
Electrical Systems Protection (By Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13465 Module
Electroacoustic Music Composition EAC2005-N Module
Electronic Signal Conditioning EAC4018-N Module
Electronic Signal Conditioning EAC4009-N Module
Electronics 2007EAC-N Module
Electronics & Control Engineering: Project (Level 6) SPT-11851 Module
Embedded Systems (HN) 2037ENG-N Module
Employability Skills For Engineers MMD2041-N Module
Employment Skills EAC2037-N Module
Employment Skills CBE3019-N Module
Employment Skills CBE3000-N Module
Employment Skills (Beng Tech) CBE3040-N Module
Employment Skills for Careers in Food PCI3025-N Module
Employment Skills for Chemistry CBE3024-N Module
Employment Skills for Crime Scene Science PCI3023-N Module
Employment Skills For Engineers MMD2040-N Module
Employment Skills for Forensic Science FPL3012-N Module
Employment Skills For Life Sciences FPL3011-N Module
Enforcement Practice And Policy FSI3030-N Module
Engineering Design 2008EAC-N Module
Engineering Design (TUOLE) SPT-14138 Module
Engineering Design and CAD MMD1008-N Module
Engineering Management and Leadership Skills MMD2029-N Module
Engineering Mathematics SPT-12125 Module
Engineering Mathematics EAC1030-N Module
Engineering Mathematics EAC1017-N Module
Engineering Mathematics & Calculus SPT-13663 Module
Engineering Project Management MMD4025-N Module
Engineering Project Risk Management CEN3017-N Module
Engineering Project Risk Management (MEng) CEN3010-N Module
Engineering Science 1003EAC-N Module
Engineering Science SPT-13984 Module
Engineering Science (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13401 Module
Engineering Thermodynamic Science 1028CEN-N Module
Engineering Thermodynamics 2001CBE-N Module
Engineering Thermodynamics (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13449 Module
Engineering Thermodynamics (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-12713 Module
Engineering Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer CBE1013-N Module
Environmental Biotechnology FPL4001-N Module
Environmental Health PCI1011-N Module
Environmental Impact Assessment FPL2015-N Module
Environmental Impact, Waste & Control CEN2032-N Module
Environmental Practices And Sustainability In The Food Industry PCI3029-N Module
Environmental Protection PCI3002-N Module
Environmental Science and Health PCI1033-N Module
Evidence Gathering CIV1012-N Module
Evidence To Court CBE3009-N Module
Evidence, Offences & Court Procedure PCI2002-N Module
Examination Techniques FSI2026-N Module
Experimental Methods for International Foundation Year MMD0001-N Module
Experimental Methods for Science PCI0005-N Module
Expert Delivery - Fingerprint Identification FSI2030-N Module
Expert Witness and the Law FPL2003-N Module
Failure by Design CEN2008-N Module
Fair Trading FSI3013-N Module
Final Project: Product Design DES3073-N Module
Fine Chemical Production CBE3036-N Module
Fine Chemical Production CBE3005-N Module
Fine Chemical Production CBE3018-N Module
Fingerprints in the Investigation Process FSI1013-N Module
Finite Element Methods MMD4003-N Module
Fire and explosion Investigation FSI4015-N Module
Fire Dynamics and Explosions FPL3002-N Module
Fire Investigation FSI3010-N Module
Fire Safety And Economics 1010CEN-N Module
Fire Scene Investigation CEN1016-N Module
Flight Dynamics And Control MMD3033-N Module
Flight Simulation MMD3008-N Module
Fluid Mechanics MMD1004-N Module
Fluid Mechanics MMD1009-N Module
Fluid Mechanics 1006CBE-N Module
Fluid Mechanics (by Flexible Open Learning SPT-12717 Module
Fluid Mechanics (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-14155 Module
Fluid Mechanics (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13402 Module
Folio DES3104-N Module
Food Industry Work Based Project and Endpoint Assessment SCI3005-N Module
Food Law & Safety PCI2001-N Module
Food Manufacturing and Processing Work Based Project PCI2034-N Module
Forensic Anthropology & Bioarchaeology FPL4022-N Module
Forensic Attachment Portfolio ( Crime Scene Examination) PCI2025-N Module
Forensic Awareness at Fire Scenes CIV1015-N Module
Forensic Chemistry FSI3024-N Module
Forensic DNA Analysis and DNA Statistics FSI4002-N Module
Forensic Evidence Management FPL4020-N Module
Forensic Investigation Research Project FSI3001-N Module
Forensic Medicine FPL3007-N Module
Forensic Medicine Awareness FSI3007-N Module
Forensic Medicine in Practice FSI4016-N Module
Forensic Practice FPL4003-N Module
Forensic Science Awareness FSI4003-N Module
Forensic Skills PCI1003-N Module
Foundation Biology FPL0003-N Module
Foundation Biology By Blended Learning SCI0008-N Module
Foundation Chemistry CBE0006-N Module
Foundation Chemistry CBE0007-N Module
Foundation Chemistry By Blended Learning CBE0008-N Module
Foundation Chemistry for Engineering by Flexible Open Learning COL0002-N Module
Foundation Fingerprint SCI1008-N Module
Foundation Mathematics EAC0008-N Module
Foundation Mathematics By Blended Learning EAC0009-N Module
Foundation Mathematics for Engineering EAC0007-N Module
Foundation Mathematics for Engineering (By Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13434 Module
Foundation Mathematics for Engineering (TU Open Learning) SPT-13827 Module
Foundation Mathematics for Engineers By Flexible Open Learning SPT-13332 Module
Foundation Physics PCI0011-N Module
Foundation Physics (Engineering) PCI0008-N Module
Foundation Physics (Science) PCI0009-N Module
Foundation Physics By Blended Learning PCI0012-N Module
Foundation Project 2 VIS0012-N Module
Fourier Analysis EAC2039-N Module
Functional Food PCI3016-N Module
Fundamentals Of Biology CBE0005-N Module
Fundamentals of Biology for International Foundation Year CBE0001-N Module
Fundamentals Of Chemistry CBE0003-N Module
Fundamentals of Chemistry for International Foundation Year CBE0004-N Module
Fundamentals Of Mathematics For Engineering A EAC0001-N Module
Fundamentals Of Mathematics For Engineering B EAC0000-N Module
Fundamentals of Mathematics for International Foundation Year EAC0005-N Module
Fundamentals Of Mathematics For Science EAC0003-N Module
Fundamentals Of Physics FPL0001-N Module
Fundamentals of Physics for International Foundation Year FPL0000-N Module
Fundamentals of the Safe Operation of Marine/Offshore High Voltage Power Systems ELC1026-N Module
Further Mathematics EAC1033-N Module
Fusion Welding Metallurgy 2011MMD-N Module
Future Energy Systems Design (HN) 2022ENG-N Module
Future Home Construction (HN) 2021ENG-N Module
Generation of Renewable Energy EAC3032-N Module
Geology & Soil Mechanics 1003CIV-N Module
Geotechnical Design (MEng) CEN3008-N Module
Geotechnical Engineering CEN3019-N Module
Graph Theory EAC3059-N Module
Graphic Processes DES1166-N Module
Graphic Projects DES1164-N Module
Group Design for Pre-Masters Students EAC3036-N Module
Group Design Project MMD1010-N Module
Group Design Project (CE) EAC1012-N Module
Group Design Project CE EAC1016-N Module
Group Project CEN1024-N Module
Group Project 2012CEN-N Module
Group Project 2001CEN-N Module
Group Project - Detailed Design Stage CEN3021-N Module
Group Project - Feasibility Stage CEN1009-N Module
Group Project - Implementation Stage MMD4036-N Module
Health & Safety Risk Assessment 1012CEN-N Module
Health, Safety & Welfare 2001CIV-N Module
Heat Transfer & Combustion 1004CBE-N Module
Heavy Current Applications 2009EAC-N Module
Historical Studies 1: Style And Design DES1177-N Module
Historical Studies 2: Context And Theory DES2155-N Module
Human Identification FSI4013-N Module
Human Metabolism PCI2035-N Module
Human Metabolism and Endocrinology PCI2000-N Module
Hydraulics and Hydrology SPT-12281 Module
Hydrocarbon Production Engineering CBE4026-N Module
Identification And Model Predictive Control EAC4017-N Module
Identification Techniques FSI1018-N Module
Illustration and Digital Technology DES2181-N Module
Incident Management and Specialist Recovery Techniques FSI3008-N Module
Individual Project (Aircraft Maintenance) MMD3060-N Module
Individual Project (Aircraft Maintenance) MMD3056-N Module
Individual Project (Aircraft Materials & Manufacturing) MMD3057-N Module
Individual Project (Part Ii) MMD4023-N Module
Industrial Chemistry CEN3023-N Module
Industrial Chemistry CBE1005-N Module
Industrial Communications EAC4011-N Module
Industrial Control And Informatics EAC3039-N Module
Industrial Systems (HN) 2035ENG-N Module
Infectious Diseases & Immunology CBE2001-N Module
Initial Fingerprint FSI1012-N Module
Innovation and New Product Development CSE2015-N Module
Instrumentation And Control Design EAC2034-N Module
Instrumentation and Control Design and Embedded Systems EAC2021-N Module
Instrumentation and Control Design and Embedded Systems EAC2008-N Module
Instrumentation And Control Principles 2010EAC-N Module
Instrumentation And Control Principles (By Flexible Open Learning) 2019COL-N Module
Integrated Laboratory CBE2039-N Module
Integrated Masters Engineering Project MMD3012-N Module
Integrated Masters Engineering Research Project MMD4039-N Module
Integrated Masters Science Research Project FPL4023-N Module
Integrated Pollution Management ENV4003-N Module
Integrated Pollution Management (Meng) FPL4017-N Module
Integration of Renewable Energy EAC3033-N Module
Interdisciplinary Group Project MMD3011-N Module
Interior Decorative Arts 1 DES1162-N Module
Interior Decorative Arts 2 DES2145-N Module
Internal Combustion Engines MMD2015-N Module
Internet And Server Investigations PCI3010-N Module
Internet and Server Investigations FSI3018-N Module
Internet Authoring and Music Software EAC2006-N Module
Internet Investigations FSI4007-N Module
Internet Protection & Security PCI2005-N Module
Introduction to Analytical Science CBE1004-N Module
Introduction to Chemistry CLS0004-N Module
Introduction To Design Management DES1195-N Module
Introduction to Engineering Management FPL4015-N Module
Introduction to Forensic Investigation FSI1022-N Module
Introduction to Human Biology CLS0003-N Module
Introduction to Investigation PCI1002-N Module
Introduction To Photography PCI1001-N Module
Introduction to Public Health PCI1032-N Module
Introduction To Transport Phenomena CBE2025-N Module
Investigative Skills CIV1018-N Module
Investigative Skills PCI3003-N Module
Kinetics and reactors CBE2010-N Module
Kinetics And Spectroscopy CBE2032-N Module
Leadership And Entrepreneurship MMD4021-N Module
Leadership and Management in the Food and Drink Industry PCI1015-N Module
Leadership and Management in the Food and Drink Industry PCI3027-N Module
Leadership And Management In The Life Science Sector FPL3026-N Module
Learning Skills For Science PCI0004-N Module
Legal Foundations For Investigative Sciences PCI1000-N Module
Legal Issues & Evidence Reporting FSI4005-N Module
Lighting (By Flexible Open Learning) 1008COL-N Module
Linear Algebra EAC1035-N Module
Linear Control Systems ELC4001-N Module
list title not available in source data 2023COL-N Module
Live Sound Production EAC2003-N Module
Low Pressure Hot Water Heating 1018CEN-N Module
M1: Basic Principles of the Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear ELC1029-N Module
Machine Control EAC3025-N Module
Management Principles & Application 2002CEN-N Module
Management Principles & Application 2011CEN-N Module
Management Principles And Application 1033CEN-N Module
Managing in a Challenging Environment KAP4004-N Module
Managing Own Learning CIV1016-N Module
Manufacturing and Materials 2 CEN2015-N Module
Manufacturing Process Technology MMD4017-N Module
Manufacturing Processes For Product Design Engineers MMD2043-N Module
Manufacturing Systems MMD4020-N Module
MAR 5: Principles of the Safe Operation of Marine/Offshore High Voltage Power Systems ELC1025-N Module
MAR 6: The Control & Management of Offshore & Marine High Voltage Power Systems ELC1024-N Module
Mass & Energy Balance 1005CBE-N Module
Mass And Energy Balance (By Flexible Open Learning) 1007COL-N Module
Mass and Energy Balances CBE1007-N Module
Mass Balance CBE1003-N Module
Mass Transfer Operations 2002CBE-N Module
Material Balance & Recovery Mechanisms CBE4019-N Module
Materials And Geology For Civil Engineers CEN1020-N Module
Materials and Geology for Civil Engineers SPT-12664 Module
Materials And Manufacturing 1 DES1174-N Module
Materials And Mechanics Engineering Science CEN0000-N Module
Materials Engineering 1012MMD-N Module
Materials Engineering (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13428 Module
Materials for Chemical Engineers 1007CBE-N Module
Mathematics For Construction 1016EAC-N Module
Mathematics For Construction 1007EAC-N Module
Mathematics for Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers SPT-12111 Module
Mathematics for Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers EAC2019-N Module
Mathematics for Engineering ELC1017-N Module
Measurement and Signal Conditioning Systems EAC4012-N Module
Measurement And Testing 2011EAC-N Module
Measurement and Testing (HN) 2033ENG-N Module
Measurement Of Process Variables (By Flexible Open Learning) 1022COL-N Module
Mechanical Principles 2002MMD-N Module
Mechanical Principles SPT-12726 Module
Mechanical Principles (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-14159 Module
Mechanical Principles (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13429 Module
Mechanical Principles (TU open learning) SPT-14050 Module
Mechanics of Materials 2 MMD3002-N Module
Mechatronic System Principles 2012EAC-N Module
Mechatronic System Principles (By Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13451 Module
Mechatronics EAC3021-N Module
Media & Storage PCI2012-N Module
Microbial Risk Management FPL2012-N Module
Microbiology And Cell Biology CBE1036-N Module
Microprocessor Systems 1005MMD-N Module
Microprocessor Systems (Hn) 1033ENG-N Module
Mixing And Mastering EAC2002-N Module
Mobile Communications EAC4010-N Module
Molecular Biology Of Diseases FPL3006-N Module
Molecular Ecology CBE2018-N Module
Music Software EAC2031-N Module
Music Technology Investigative Study EAC2001-N Module
Network Investigation Principles PCI2011-N Module
Non Destructive Testing 1015MMD-N Module
Obtaining Friction Ridge Detail FSI1017-N Module
Off Site Construction (HN) 2020ENG-N Module
Oil And Gas Engineering Operations CBE3035-N Module
Oil and Gas Engineering Operations CBE3032-N Module
Operational Amplifiers (Tuole) 2008ODL-N Module
Organic & inorganic Chemistry CBE3015-N Module
Organic & Inorganic Chemistry 1 CBE2027-N Module
Organic & Inorganic Chemistry 2 CBE3038-N Module
P1: Protection of Electrical Power Systems ELC1023-N Module
Particulate Technology 2003CBE-N Module
Particulates CBE2021-N Module
Pdp 1: Communication Skills DES1173-N Module
Personal Development Planning 2: Practice Skills DES2150-N Module
Personal Development Portfolio Three: Professional Skills DES3077-N Module
Petroleum Economics and Simulation CBE4027-N Module
Petroleum Facilities Emergency Shutdown Systems (By Flexible Open Learning) 1003COL-N Module
Petroleum Processing Engineering (TUOLE) 2019ODL-N Module
Petroleum Production Engineering (By Flexible Open Learning) 1002COL-N Module
Petroleum Refinery Engineering (By Flexible Open Learning) 2006COL-N Module
Petroleum Refinery Engineering (Tuole) 2018ODL-N Module
Petroleum Reservoir and EOR SPT-12875 Module
Petroleum Reservoir and EOR (MEng) CBE4022-N Module
Petroleum Reservoir Engineering CBE4029-N Module
Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Operations FPL2013-N Module
Physical & Analytical Chemistry CBE3014-N Module
Physical And Analytical Chemistry 1 CBE2026-N Module
Physical Fire Indicators CIV1013-N Module
Physical Metallurgy (By Flexible Open Learning) 1025COL-N Module
Planning & Scheduling Principles 2003MMD-N Module
Planning And Scheduling Principles (Hn) 2031ENG-N Module
Plant and Process Control 2006MMD-N Module
Plant Services (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13430 Module
Pollution Analysis and Monitoring FPL2006-N Module
Postgraduate Business Research Methods KAP4002-N Module
Power Electronics EAC4020-N Module
Power Electronics SPT-13496 Module
Power Systems EAC3014-N Module
Power Systems EAC3049-N Module
Power Systems Protection ENG4007-N Module
Power Transmission and Distribution EAC3048-N Module
Practical Skills For Research CLS4002-N Module
Principles Of Aircraft Flight & Performance MMD0002-N Module
Principles of Crime Scene Science FSI4004-N Module
Process Control 2004CBE-N Module
Process Economics CBE3016-N Module
Process Economics CBE3007-N Module
Process Improvement and Optimisation CBE4000-N Module
Process Laboratories CBE2022-N Module
Procurement and Contract Strategies (MEng) CEN4024-N Module
Product Design Analysis MMD2008-N Module
Product Design and Development Management MMD4015-N Module
Product Design Communication DES2141-N Module
Product Design Contexts DES2154-N Module
Product Design Management MMD3022-N Module
Product Quality and Reliability MMD3009-N Module
Product Quality and Reliability MMD3017-N Module
Production Management MMD4018-N Module
Professional Contexts DES1169-N Module
Professional Development 1 DES2158-N Module
Professional Development 2 DES2152-N Module
Professional Placement CEN2002-N Module
Professional Skills CBE1002-N Module
Professional Skills (MEng) CBE1015-N Module
Professional Skills 1 DES1208-N Module
Professional Skills For Aerospace Engineers MMD1015-N Module
Professional Skills For Biological Sciences CBE1024-N Module
Professional Skills For Biological Sciences In The Workplace CBE1037-N Module
Professional Skills For Chemical Engineers CBE1025-N Module
Professional Skills For Chemistry CBE1023-N Module
Professional Skills For Civil Engineers CEN1015-N Module
Professional Skills For Computer And Digital Forensics PCI1026-N Module
Professional Skills For Crime Scene Science PCI1025-N Module
Professional Skills for Electrical and Electronic Engineering EAC1025-N Module
Professional Skills for Environmental Health PCI1027-N Module
Professional Skills For Environmental Science FPL1009-N Module
Professional Skills for FN&H SPT-11297 Module
Professional Skills For Food Science And Nutrition PCI1024-N Module
Professional Skills for food science in the workplace (WB) PCI1040-N Module
Professional Skills for Forensic Biology FPL1007-N Module
Professional Skills For Forensic Science FPL1008-N Module
Professional Skills for Instrumentation & Control Engineering EAC1026-N Module
Professional Skills for Mechanical Engineers MMD1016-N Module
Professional Skills For Product Designers DES3075-N Module
Professional Skills for Science and Engineering CEN0003-N Module
Professional Skills: Enterprise DES1197-N Module
Professional Skills: Entrepreneurship DES2176-N Module
Professional Witness - Crime Scene Examination FSI2036-N Module
Programmable Logic Controllers 1005EAC-N Module
Programmable Logic Controllers SPT-14081 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers (by Flexible Open Learning) SPT-13431 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers (by flexible open learning) SPT-12703 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers and Distributed Control Systems EAC3026-N Module
Project MMD3001-N Module
Project 2024EAC-N Module
Project 2015EAC-N Module
Project (Beng Tech) MMD3047-N Module
Project (Tuole) 2004ODL-N Module
Project Management HRM2009-N Module
Project Management 2016EAC-N Module
Project Management And Enterprise CEN4013-N Module
Project Planning & Visualisation SPT-12665 Module
Project Planning And Visualisation CEN3015-N Module
Project Planning and Visualisation (MEng) CEN3011-N Module
Properties of Materials MMD1001-N Module
Properties of Materials MMD1011-N Module
Public Health And Health Promotion PCI2010-N Module
Public Health And Housing PCI3020-N Module
Quality and Reliability MMD4016-N Module
Quality And Supply Chain Management MMD4028-N Module
Quality Assurance & Management 2017MMD-N Module
Quality Assurance and Management (HN) 2029ENG-N Module
Quality Assurance B (HN) 2028ENG-N Module
Quality Management PCI2004-N Module
Quality Management and Reliability MMD4014-N Module
Reaction Engineering 2005CBE-N Module
Reaction Engineering And Mass Transfer Operations 1 CBE2020-N Module
Reaction Engineering And Mass Transfer Operations 2 CBE3020-N Module
Recording Studio Sound Engineering EAC1002-N Module
Repair and Remediation (MEng) CEN3012-N Module
Research And Study Skills FPL4011-N Module
Research Methods for Science FPL2000-N Module
Research Processes and Scientific Frameworks CLS4001-N Module
Research Project (HN) 2051ENG-N Module
Resource Management and Energy Systems ENV4002-N Module
Risk Assessment CEN2000-N Module
Risk Assessment (MENG) CEN2016-N Module
Risk Management in Engineering Project CEN4006-N Module
River and Coastal Engineering CEN4015-N Module
Robust Control Systems EAC4014-N Module
Rollover Test Module TES1234-N Module
S4: Fundamentals of the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems ELC1027-N Module
Safety at the Fire Scene CIV1014-N Module
Scene Of Crime Fingerprints FSI1015-N Module
Science Research Project FPL3000-N Module
Science Research Project FPL3018-N Module
Science Research Proposal CBE2017-N Module
Scientific Method & Quantitative Principles FPL1000-N Module
Semiconductor Physical Electronics (By Flexible Open Learning) 2001COL-N Module
Semiconductor Structure And Fabrication (By Flexible Open Learning) 1028COL-N Module
Signal Conditioning And Data Processing EAC4029-N Module
Signal Conditioning And Data Processing EAC4021-N Module
Site Surveying And Setting Out 1014CEN-N Module
Site Surveying And Setting Out 1021MMD-N Module
Skills For University FPL0004-N Module
Skills For University ENG1013-N Module
Smart Sensors EAC3029-N Module
Sound And Music Synthesis EAC2004-N Module
Sound And Perception EAC1001-N Module
Specialist Construction and Materials CEN1007-N Module
Specialist Graphic Projects DES2151-N Module
Specialist Photography PCI2023-N Module
Statistics FPL4010-N Module
Structural Analysis CEN2024-N Module
Structural Analysis And Design 1004CEN-N Module
Structural Analysis And Mathematics ENG2016-N Module
Structural Design CEN2020-N Module
Structural Engineering and Materials CEN3013-N Module
Structural Mechanics SPT-12099 Module
Structure & Reactivity CEN1022-N Module
Structure and Reactivity CEN1023-N Module
Subsea Control and Communications Systems 1012EAC-N Module
Subsea Electrical Systems 1013EAC-N Module
Supply Chain Management MMD4008-N Module
Supply Chain Management in Construction ENG3023-N Module
Sustainable Construction CEN1012-N Module
Sustainable Electrical Energy Supply (HN) 2052ENG-N Module
System Identification and Adaptive Control EAC4007-N Module
Ten Prints FSI1014-N Module
Tendering & Estimating 1006CEN-N Module
Test List NLV XXX1819-N Module
Textile Design Skills 1 DES1220-N Module
Textile Design Skills 2 DES1209-N Module
Thermodynamics And Fluid Mechanics MMD3026-N Module
Trace Evidence FPL3004-N Module
Trad And Cad: Design Visualisation DES1176-N Module
Trading Standards Investigations PCI2022-N Module
Turbomachinery and Aeroengines FPL3001-N Module
Understanding Failures ENV4004-N Module
Understanding Graphic Design DES1170-N Module
Understanding Mathematics ELC0003-N Module
Understanding mathematics Group B SPT-12643 Module
Understanding mathematics Group C SPT-12656 Module
Utilisation Of Electrical Energy 1006EAC-N Module
Vector Spaces ENG1014-N Module
Vector Spaces EAC2038-N Module
Water Engineering CEN3000-N Module
Weights and Measures Technology FSI3011-N Module
Work Based Learning 2021EAC-N Module
Writing Design DES3074-N Module

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