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'Race', Crime and Social Exclusion CRI3022-N Module
(2017-8) Cognitive Psychology SPT-11192 Module
(2019-20) Biological and Social Psychology SPT-11191 Module
A Therapeutic Framework For Working With Diversity PSY3079-N Module
Academic English and Study Skills EDU0015-N Module
Academic Literacies EDU0022-N Module
Academic Skills for Practice EDU1156-N Module
Academic Study Skills (Health & Social Care) EDU0017-N Module
Academic Study Skills Toolkit CRI0002-N Module
Accounting for Business ACC1051-N Module
Accounting, Information & the Organisation ACC1044-N Module
Accurate Evaluation of Work with Children and Young People EDU3062-N Module
Action Research For Early Years EDU2079-N Module
Adult Placement PSY5019-N Module
Advanced Assessment Skills SWK4015-N Module
Advanced Coaching Skills and Practice BIN4035-N Module
Advanced Counselling Skills PSY2055-N Module
Advanced Criminological Theory CRI3029-N Module
Advanced Design for Clinical Psychological Research Projects PSY5041-N Module
Advanced French 1 LAN1104-N Module
Advanced French 2 LAN1105-N Module
Advanced German 1 LAN1005-N Module
Advanced Independent Study EDU5016-N Module
Advanced Independent Study EDU5010-N Module
Advanced Investigative Practice BIN4040-N Module
Advanced Psychological Research Methods PSY4034-N Module
Advanced Work-Based Project MED4038-N Module
African American Writing ELL3066-N Module
American Criminal Justice CRI2011-N Module
An Introduction to Managing Resources in the Public Sector COR1028-N Module
An Introduction To Policing: The Certificate In Policing Knowledge PLC2044-N Module
An Introduction To Policing: The Certificate In Policing Knowledge (College Of Policing) PLC2038-N Module
Analysing Data SOC4050-N Module
Ancient Greece: History, Culture and Society HIS1002-N Module
Applications of Psychology PSY1004-N Module
Applied Counselling Skills and Theory PSY2006-N Module
Applied Forensic Psychology PSY3012-N Module
Applied Investigation PLC3033-N Module
Applied Investigation PLC3019-N Module
Applied Leadership: The Leader Practitioner HRM4032-N Module
Applied Practice (Law) LAW3050-N Module
Applied Psychology and Education PSY3025-N Module
Applied Qualitative Research Methods PSY4144-N Module
Applied Qualitative Research Methods PSY4156-N Module
Applied Quantitative Research Methods PSY4143-N Module
Applied research 1: research proposal LAW3053-N Module
Applied research 2: research project LAW3051-N Module
Applied Research for Social Workers SWK2032-N Module
Applied Research in Psychology PSY2066-N Module
Applied Research Methods PSY4009-N Module
Applied Skills in Forensic Practice PSY4154-N Module
Applied Sports Therapy (Top-up) SPT-11304 Module
Applying Attachment Theory in Social Care and Education SWK1042-N Module
Appraising Enquiry and Research Techniques EDU3002-N Module
Approaches in English Language Teaching EDU4120-N Module
Approaches To Pedagogy EDU1162-N Module
Are we doing youth justice? CRI3025-N Module
Assessment and Intervention in Forensic Practice PSY4155-N Module
Assessment and Interventions in Forensic Practice PSY4140-N Module
Assessment and Mental Health in the Criminal Justice Process PSY4126-N Module
Assessments and Interventions in Forensic Psychology PSY4131-N Module
Assets Recovery BIN4042-N Module
Audit Investigation and Forensic Accounting ACC4008-N Module
Authors and Authorship ELL2028-N Module
BA (Hons) Children and Early Childhood (Top-up) SPT-11899 Module
Becoming a professional youth worker EDU3016-N Module
Behaviour That Challenges EDU1200-N Module
Being a Reflective Practitioner EDU2101-N Module
Being a Reflective Practitioner (TNE) EDU2117-N Module
Being an Academic Professional EDU4105-N Module
Best Practice in Safeguarding Children SWK1039-N Module
Betrayal: Literature, Modernity, And Trust ELL3065-N Module
Biological and Social Psychology PSY2028-N Module
Biological and Social Psychology PSY4148-N Module
Biological And Social Psychology (Graduate Conversion Diploma) PSY2043-N Module
Biopsychological Perspective of Behaviour PSY4004-N Module
British Fascism & Culture HIS4006-N Module
British Life and Society EDU0016-N Module
British Muslims in Contemporary Fiction and Film ELL3058-N Module
Business Decision Making BIN1049-N Module
Business Environment & Strategy ECO4008-N Module
Business Law LAW4054-N Module
Business Management Techniques 1001ACC-N Module
Business Project BIN3016-N Module
Business Research & Project BIN3014-N Module
Business Strategy MED4034-N Module
Careers for historians HIS2062-N Module
Challenges to Childhood and Youth EDU2199-N Module
Challenging Boundaries: Postmodern and Postcolonial Writing ELL2042-N Module
Challenging Boundaries: Postmodern and Postcolonial Writing ELL2037-N Module
Challenging Childhoods EDU1196-N Module
Chaucer's England HIS2046-N Module
Child and Adolescent Placement PSY5018-N Module
Child Development EDU1064-N Module
Childhood And Youth Development EDU1184-N Module
Childhood And Youth Perspectives EDU1149-N Module
Childhood and Youth Studies Dissertation EDU3034-N Module
Childhood and Youth Studies Research Project EDU3100-N Module
Childhood Studies Dissertation EDU3105-N Module
Children and Early Childhood EDU2142-N Module
Children and young people: applying and developing skills (work based learning) EDU1112-N Module
Children and Young people’s development EDU1108-N Module
Children Health Well-Being and Society EDU1017-N Module
Children's Development EDU1099-N Module
Children's Development (TNE) EDU1129-N Module
Children's Rights EDU1150-N Module
Children's Services EDU1098-N Module
Children's Services (TNE) EDU1128-N Module
Children, Education and Society EDU3106-N Module
Children, Education and Society EDU3033-N Module
Children, Health, Well-Being And Society (Tne) EDU1132-N Module
Children, Society and Policy EDU3071-N Module
Children’s Development EDU1176-N Module
Chinese for Work and Travel LAN1009-N Module
Civil Litigation LAW3048-N Module
Classroom Management EDU1040-N Module
Client Care Skills LAW3049-N Module
Client Issues In Therapeutic Practice PSY3081-N Module
Clinical and Professional Skills in Health Psychology PSY4137-N Module
Clinical leadership & enterprise PSY5057-N Module
Clinical psychology: diversity and complexity PSY3101-N Module
Clinical skills in psychology PSY2064-N Module
Clinical Workshops PSY5051-N Module
Cognitive behavior therapy PSY1054-N Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy PSY2051-N Module
Cognitive Psychology PSY2009-N Module
Cognitive Psychology PSY4146-N Module
Cognitive Psychology (Graduate Conversion Diploma) PSY2045-N Module
Combining Academic and Professional Practice EDU5014-N Module
Combining Professional and Academic Practice EDU4096-N Module
Communication, Information and Intelligence for Operational Policing PLC1042-N Module
Communications MED4035-N Module
Communities of practice: educational perspectives EDU5007-N Module
Company Law LAW3007-N Module
Company Law LAW4066-N Module
Company Structures ACC4019-N Module
Comparative Education EDU3113-N Module
Comparative Law and Criminal Justice LAW4044-N Module
Comparative Perspectives in Education EDU3117-N Module
Comparative Social Policy SOC4053-N Module
Complementary Medicine and Health Psychology PSY2011-N Module
Computer Law 1001LAW-N Module
Concepts and Learning in Literacy L5 EDU2158-N Module
Concepts and Learning in Numeracy L5 EDU2157-N Module
Concepts And Learning In Special Educational Needs And Disabilities EDU3093-N Module
Concepts in Counselling Psychology PSY4021-N Module
Concepts of Culture ELL1043-N Module
Concepts Of Culture ELL1029-N Module
Concepts of Marketing MAR1035-N Module
Conceptualising and Designing Social Research SOC4040-N Module
Conducting Research in Psychology PSY2065-N Module
Consolidating Ethics in Work with Young People EDU3032-N Module
Consolidating Youth Work policy EDU3015-N Module
Constitutional Principles LAW4068-N Module
Constructing Evidence for Youth Work EDU4049-N Module
Contemporary Approaches to Investigation BIN4046-N Module
Contemporary Criminal Justice 1 CRI4020-N Module
Contemporary Criminological Theory CRI4022-N Module
Contemporary Criminological Theory CRI4024-N Module
Contemporary Drug Issues CRI4023-N Module
Contemporary Historical Fiction ELL3067-N Module
Contemporary Issues and Legal Research LAW2039-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Thought ACC4015-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Education EDU4074-N Module
Contemporary issues in education EDU3119-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Fraud BIN4008-N Module
Contemporary Issues in HRM HRM3003-N Module
Contemporary Issues In Language And Literacy Development EDU3041-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Language and Literacy Development (TNE) EDU3053-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Law LAW3054-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences PSY0002-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Social Theory SOC3033-N Module
Contemporary Issues In Social Theory SOC3029-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Youth Research, Policy & Practice SOC3035-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Youth Research, Policy and Practice SOC3024-N Module
Contemporary Legal Issues LAW2029-N Module
Contemporary Legal Issues and Skills LAW4050-N Module
Contemporary Policing And Investigation PLC2041-N Module
Contemporary Political Issues POL2001-N Module
Contemporary Social Theory SOC3044-N Module
Contemporary Social Work Practice SWK3080-N Module
Contemporary Society And The Public Services PLC1060-N Module
Context and Policy in Early Years EDU3044-N Module
Context and Practice of Financial Crime ACC2016-N Module
Contextualising Education EDU4099-N Module
Contextualising Educational Practice EDU2217-N Module
Continuing Personal and Professional Development EDU2050-N Module
Core Skills And Techniques ELL4026-N Module
Core Skills and Techniques ELL4035-N Module
Corporate & International Finance ACC4014-N Module
Corporate Law LAW3044-N Module
Counselling Psychology in Context PSY5046-N Module
Counselling Research PSY3080-N Module
Counselling Skills Practice PSY1043-N Module
Counselling, Complexity and Contemporary Issues PSY3008-N Module
Counter Terrorism PLC2029-N Module
Counter-Terrorism in Context PLC2059-N Module
CPD in the Psychology of Sexual Health PSY0001-N Module
Creative Practice ELL1030-N Module
Creative Writing and Wellbeing Project ELL4038-N Module
Creative Writing Lab 5: Group Facilitation ELL3068-N Module
Creative Writing Lab: Experimental Writing ELL2038-N Module
Creative Writing Lab: Writing and Audience ELL1037-N Module
Creative Writing Lab: Writing and Wellbeing ELL2039-N Module
Creative Writing Lab: Writing for Social Change ELL1038-N Module
Creative Writing MA Project ELL4007-N Module
Creative Writing Project ELL3026-N Module
Creative Writing Project ELL4022-N Module
Creative Writing Project ELL3073-N Module
Creative Writing Skills And Techniques ELL4000-N Module
Crime And Consumer Culture SOC3049-N Module
Crime and Consumer Culture SOC3037-N Module
Crime And Justice CRI1012-N Module
Crime And Society CRI1013-N Module
Crime, Culture and Representation CRI1010-N Module
Crime, Justice and Society CRI1001-N Module
Criminal Investigation Dissertation PLC4007-N Module
Criminal Investigation Dissertation PLC4005-N Module
Criminal Justice CRI4028-N Module
Criminal Justice CRI1017-N Module
Criminal Justice CRI2002-N Module
Criminal Justice CRI2023-N Module
Criminal Law LAW1005-N Module
Criminal Law LAW4049-N Module
Criminal Law LAW2033-N Module
Criminal Law LAW4061-N Module
Criminal Law LAW2012-N Module
Criminal Law LAW2030-N Module
Criminal Law And Public Services PLC2053-N Module
Criminal Law for Criminologists LAW1026-N Module
Criminal Law for Criminologists CRI1020-N Module
Criminal Law Theory LAW3038-N Module
Criminal Markets In The Twenty-First Century CRI4027-N Module
Criminalistics PLC3029-N Module
Criminalistics PLC3034-N Module
Criminalistics PLC2019-N Module
Criminological Theory CRI2008-N Module
Criminological Theory CRI2025-N Module
Criminological Theory CRI4029-N Module
Crisis Management PLC2055-N Module
Critical Aspects of Auditing ACC4011-N Module
Critical Aspects of Auditing BIN4028-N Module
Critical Evaluation of Leadership & Management CSE3009-N Module
Critical Issues in Marketing MAR4012-N Module
Critical Perspectives In Leadership & Management HRM3034-N Module
Critical Practice ELL1036-N Module
Critical Social Psychology PSY3092-N Module
Critical Thinking about Psychology PSY1027-N Module
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving BIN2016-N Module
Critically Analysing Early Year Policy and Provision EDU3078-N Module
Critically Analysing Early Years Policy EDU3081-N Module
Cross Cultural Management HRM2029-N Module
Cross-Cultural Leadership CSE4021-N Module
Culture, Politics And Society In The Age Of Thatcher HIS3099-N Module
Current Issues In Business Ethics & Csr HRM3002-N Module
Current Issues in Enterprise ACC4004-N Module
Current Issues in Leadership and Organisational Change HRM4021-N Module
Current Issues in Neurodevelopmental Disorders PSY3002-N Module
Current Topics in Health Psychology PSY4023-N Module
Curriculum Design And Assessment EDU3070-N Module
Curriculum Development for inclusive practice EDU3036-N Module
Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice L5 EDU2122-N Module
Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice L6 EDU3055-N Module
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Politics EDU5011-N Module
Customer Service Excellence and the Competitive Edge MAR1009-N Module
Cybercrime and Security ACC2007-N Module
Data Analysis & Presentation BIN5002-N Module
Dba Thesis OBE5004-N Module
Deception and Detection from the 19th Century to the Present ELL3082-N Module
Defendants and Witnesses in the Criminal Justice System LAW3064-N Module
Defendants and Witnesses in the Criminal Justice System LAW3045-N Module
Designing and Assessing Learning in Higher Education LAT4002-N Module
Designing Informal Learning for Young People EDU3025-N Module
Detective Fiction and Crime Drama Since the Time of Sherlock Holmes ELL3064-N Module
Developing Academic Practice EDU4102-N Module
Developing Assessment in Higher Education EDU1169-N Module
Developing Business Skills for HR Professionals HRM4028-N Module
Developing Clinical Skills: Working With Clients With Complex Needs PSY5006-N Module
Developing Clinical Skills: Working with Clients with Special Needs PSY5004-N Module
Developing Clinical Skills: Working with Individuals PSY4025-N Module
Developing Learning and Teaching (Level 7) EDU4114-N Module
Developing Oral Skills in German LAN1008-N Module
Developing Oral Skills in Spanish LAN1205-N Module
Developing Outdoor Learning Organisations EDU2111-N Module
Developing Skills for Education and Community Support SPT-12879 Module
Developing Skills For Education And Community Support L5 PSY2049-N Module
Developing Skills for Education and Community Support L6 PSY3087-N Module
Developing Skills For Professional Practice PSY1040-N Module
Developing Teaching Practice In Higher Education LAT4003-N Module
Developing Work-based Practice (WBL) EDU1221-N Module
Development, Cognitive Processes and Disorders PSY4151-N Module
Development, Cognitive Processes and Disorders PSY2060-N Module
Development. Cognitive Processes And Disorders PSY2061-N Module
Digital Development And Technologies MED4033-N Module
Dimensions of Leisure LEM1001-N Module
Disclosure and Barring Service: Barring and Decision Making Process EDU1079-N Module
Dissertation LAW4009-N Module
Dissertation PSY3077-N Module
Dissertation ELL4031-N Module
Dissertation PLC4002-N Module
Dissertation PLC3014-N Module
Dissertation HIS4004-N Module
Dissertation PLC3032-N Module
Dissertation SWK3007-N Module
Dissertation POL3002-N Module
Dissertation (Contemporay Issues In Drug Use) CRI4011-N Module
Dissertation (Msc Criminology) CRI4021-N Module
Diversity and inclusion in Childhood EDU3103-N Module
Diversity and Inclusivity EDU4068-N Module
Doctorate Advanced Independent Work PSY5055-N Module
Doctorate Dissertation PSY5003-N Module
Doing Research ELL3069-N Module
Drug Use In Contemporary Society CRI4025-N Module
Drugs and Society SOC3012-N Module
Early Childhood Pedagogy EDU2102-N Module
Early Childhood Pedagogy (TNE) EDU2118-N Module
Early Childhood Studies Dissertation EDU3080-N Module
Early Childhood Studies Dissertation EDU3048-N Module
Early Childhood Studies Dissertation (TNE) EDU3051-N Module
Early Language Development EDU1153-N Module
Early Years Context and Policy EDU3045-N Module
Early Years Context and Policy (TNE) EDU3052-N Module
Early Years Policy And Practice EDU1161-N Module
Early Years Theories around the World WBS3016-N Module
Education And Psychology EDU2073-N Module
Education and Society SOC2008-N Module
Education and Young People EDU1037-N Module
Education Leadership In Practice EDU4100-N Module
Education Policy & Education Practice EDU3012-N Module
Education Studies Dissertation EDU3065-N Module
Education, Identity and Society EDU3066-N Module
Education, Safety and Health EDU1215-N Module
Educational Contexts And Practice EDU2068-N Module
Educational Enquiry EDU4080-N Module
Educational Leadership and Management EDU4079-N Module
Educational Policy and Inclusion EDU4081-N Module
Educational research: Practice and planning EDU4097-N Module
Educational Research: Practice and Planning EDU5013-N Module
Educational Research: Theory, Methodology and Practice EDU5009-N Module
Educational Theories And Concepts L4 EDU1165-N Module
Educational Theories And Concepts L5 EDU2163-N Module
Effective And Innovative Learning Environments EDU2151-N Module
Effective listening and communication with children, young people and families EDU1110-N Module
Effective Use Of Supervision And Mentoring EDU2183-N Module
Elective Placement PSY5014-N Module
Embedding Evidence Based Practice in Policing PLC1055-N Module
Emergency Planning In The Public Services PLC2049-N Module
Employability and Work Experience (Level 5) SOC2052-N Module
Employability and Work Experience (Level 6) SOC3045-N Module
Employability and work related learning (level 5) SOC2057-N Module
Employment and Labour Law LAW4065-N Module
Employment Law LAW2009-N Module
Employment Law LAW3014-N Module
Employment Law (Level 5) LAW2040-N Module
Empowerment: Local and Global Contexts EDU3040-N Module
Engaging with Research in Childhood and Youth EDU1203-N Module
Engaging with Research in Early Childhood Education and Care EDU1171-N Module
Engaging With Research In Early Childhood Education And Care (Tne) (Level 5) EDU2187-N Module
Engaging With Research In Early Childhood Education And Care [Tne] EDU1180-N Module
English and Graduate Academic Skills EDU3074-N Module
English and the Real World ELL2029-N Module
English as a Global Language EDU4121-N Module
English for Academic Purposes EDU1049-N Module
English for Learning 1 EDU1074-N Module
English Studies Dissertation ELL3071-N Module
Enhancing Learning [TNE] EDU3057-N Module
Enhancing Learning and Teaching (Level 7) EDU4115-N Module
Enhancing Learning In Early Years EDU2080-N Module
Enhancing Learning in Early Years EDU3079-N Module
Enhancing work based practice (WBL) EDU2220-N Module
Enterprise and Leadership CSE2005-N Module
Enterprise and Marketing Consultancy MAR4002-N Module
Entrepreneurship CSE4001-N Module
Entry and Enquiry into Public Services ACC1030-N Module
Essential Coaching skills and practice BIN4034-N Module
Ethical Practice for Working with Children EDU3104-N Module
Ethics and Safeguarding Children EDU2100-N Module
Ethics and Safeguarding Children (TNE) EDU2119-N Module
Ethics in work with young people EDU3058-N Module
Ethics, Integrity and Contemporary Issues PLC3043-N Module
Ethics, Values and Beliefs SOC2048-N Module
Ethnicity, Race, and Religion in Literature and Culture ELL3081-N Module
European History, 1850-1918 HIS1040-N Module
European History, 1917-1991 HIS1041-N Module
European Responses To Crime LAW4058-N Module
European Union Law (Level 5) LAW2005-N Module
Evaluating Work With Children and Young People EDU3060-N Module
Evaluation and Analysis SOC4001-N Module
Every Contact Leaves a Trace PLC3039-N Module
Evidence Informed Learning and Teaching (Level 7) EDU4116-N Module
Expedition Practitioner SPO1119-N Module
Experiential Learning & Development WBS4002-N Module
Explaining Punishment CRI3017-N Module
Explaining Punishment CRI3023-N Module
Explorations in History HIS2065-N Module
Exploring And Planning Learning EDU1199-N Module
Exploring Approaches To Integrated Working (Wbl) EDU2184-N Module
Exploring Childhood and Youth in a Digital Society EDU1220-N Module
Exploring Curriculum Delivery in Educational Settings EDU3085-N Module
Exploring Innovative Learning Approaches EDU2215-N Module
Exploring Investigation PLC2045-N Module
Exploring Investigation PLC2042-N Module
Exploring Psychology PSY1022-N Module
Extending Approaches To Learning And Teaching L5 EDU2164-N Module
Extending Approaches To Learning And Teaching L6 EDU3072-N Module
Facilitating Learning in Higher Education EDU4103-N Module
Fake News: Propaganda and Polemics, Past and Present HIS0002-N Module
Families, Friendships and Contemporary Intimacies SOC2031-N Module
Family Law (Level 5) LAW2008-N Module
Family Law (Level 6) LAW3013-N Module
Fascism and Anti-Fascism POL3003-N Module
Fault Lines: US Politics Since 1974 POL1001-N Module
Final Project SWK4012-N Module
Final Project HIS4039-N Module
Financial Project Management ACC2032-N Module
Financial Reporting Regulation & Analysis ACC4012-N Module
Financial Resources in Public Services ACC1043-N Module
Fingerprints and their use in the Investigation Process PLC3017-N Module
Fingerprints and their use in the Investigative Process PLC2032-N Module
Fingerprints And Their Use In The Investigative Process PLC2036-N Module
Focus on fiction ELL2044-N Module
Food Hygiene and Health and Safety HRM0006-N Module
Football, Culture And Society SOC3004-N Module
Forensic and Legal Medicine PLC1048-N Module
Forensic and Legal Medicine PLC4003-N Module
Forensic Assessment PSY4105-N Module
Forensic Psychology Project PSY4138-N Module
Forensic Psychology Project PSY4036-N Module
Forensic Psychology: Theory in Practice PSY4106-N Module
Formal Educational Pedagogy EDU2200-N Module
Forming Fictions ELL4003-N Module
Foundation Chinese LAN1301-N Module
Foundation French LAN1101-N Module
Foundation German LAN1002-N Module
Foundation in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector EDU1060-N Module
Foundation Spanish LAN1201-N Module
Foundations in Strength & Conditioning SPO1125-N Module
Foundations of Educational Practice EDU4085-N Module
Foundations of Educational Practice EDU4093-N Module
Foundations of Investigation PLC1050-N Module
Foundations of Investigation HKIT PLC1051-N Module
Foundations Of Law LAW1032-N Module
Foundations of Law LAW1031-N Module
Foundations of Marketing in Tourism & Events LEM1009-N Module
Foundations Of Personal And Professional Practice PSY1041-N Module
Foundations of Policy EDU1174-N Module
Foundations Of Policy (Tne) EDU1183-N Module
Foundations Of Policy (Tne) (Level 5) EDU2188-N Module
Foundations of Social Research SOC4052-N Module
Foundations Of Writing And Wellbeing ELL4036-N Module
Fraud - Investigation Management and Contemporary Issues BIN4006-N Module
Fraud - Law and Practice BIN4005-N Module
Fraud Investigation BIN1037-N Module
Fraud Investigation Management BIN1038-N Module
Fraud Investigation: Case Study Analysis BIN4003-N Module
French for Work and Travel LAN1106-N Module
From Easter Monday to Good Friday: Radicalism in Ireland 1916-1998 HIS2058-N Module
From Report to Court PLC3040-N Module
Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology SPO1121-N Module
Functional Skills for Literacy Specialists EDU1138-N Module
Functional Skills for Numeracy Specialists EDU1137-N Module
Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PSY4115-N Module
Fundamentals of Marketing MAR1028-N Module
Fundamentals of Theory in Accounting & Finance ACC2029-N Module
Gender in Politics POL2004-N Module
Gender, Crime and Justice CRI2021-N Module
Gender, Sex And Sexuality SOC2035-N Module
Genres, Movements, Histories ELL3080-N Module
German for Work and Travel LAN1007-N Module
Get by in Chinese LAN1001-N Module
Get by in French LAN1303-N Module
Get by in Spanish LAN1030-N Module
Global Childhoods EDU3102-N Module
Global Childhoods EDU1181-N Module
Global Childhoods (Tne) EDU1182-N Module
Global Childhoods (Tne) (Level 5) EDU2189-N Module
Global Environment and Strategy ECO4007-N Module
Global Issues SOC0001-N Module
Global Issues On The Public Services PLC2050-N Module
Globalization, Childhood and Youth EDU3061-N Module
Governance, Culture And Identity: North-Eastern England From Reformation To Restoration HIS4025-N Module
Governmental Impact On Public Services PLC2054-N Module
Graduate Conference ELL4030-N Module
Gym and Class Instruction SPO1126-N Module
Hazardous Environments Practitioner SPO2100-N Module
Health Psychology in Action PSY4112-N Module
Health Psychology in Context PSY4135-N Module
Health Psychology Project PSY4020-N Module
Higher Education in Context EDU4065-N Module
Historical and Popular Crime, Justice, Law and Psychology CRI0001-N Module
Historical Perspectives of Education EDU1216-N Module
History and Philosophy of Education EDU1158-N Module
History in depth HIS3103-N Module
History in Theory and Practice HIS4035-N Module
HND Criminology 1 1011SOC-N Module
HND Criminology 2 - The Criminal Justice System 2006SOC-N Module
HND Introduction to Social Theory 1010SOC-N Module
HND Psychology 1 - Introducing Psychology 1001PSY-N Module
HND Social Research Methods 2001SOC-N Module
HND UK Government and Politics 1014SOC-N Module
HND US Government, Politics and Culture 2008SOC-N Module
HND Volunteering 5001CRI-N Module
HND Volunteering 2011SOC-N Module
Human And Criminal Behaviour PLC1057-N Module
Human Development and Social Psychology PSY1046-N Module
Human Transitions and Lifespan Development SWK1036-N Module
Humanistic Perspectives and Self-Development PSY4150-N Module
ICT in Travel and Tourism HRM1020-N Module
Ideas of the State POL2005-N Module
Identities of Work and Leisure SOC2037-N Module
Iliterature: Reading, Writing, And The Internet ELL1031-N Module
Images of Alexander HIS3025-N Module
Improving Numeracy Knowledge, Understanding and Practice EDU2125-N Module
Improving the personal and social development of young people EDU4047-N Module
Inclusion EDU5008-N Module
Inclusion and Diversity EDU3083-N Module
Inclusion And Diversity (TNE) EDU3087-N Module
Inclusion and Diversity in Education EDU1151-N Module
Inclusion and Diversity in Education EDU1202-N Module
Inclusion for Different Childhoods EDU3047-N Module
Inclusion for Different Childhoods (TNE) EDU3050-N Module
Inclusive Practice EDU2069-N Module
Inclusive Practice EDU2216-N Module
Inclusive Practice EDU2193-N Module
Inclusive Practice for Different Childhoods EDU3046-N Module
Inclusive Practice for Special Educational Needs and Disability EDU2146-N Module
Independent Learning - Level 5 (30) WBS2010-N Module
Independent Learning - Level 5 (40) WBS2011-N Module
Independent Learning - Level 6 (10) WBS3008-N Module
Independent Learning - Level 6 (20) WBS3009-N Module
Independent Learning - Level 6 (30) WBS3010-N Module
Independent Learning - Level 7 (60) WBS4011-N Module
Independent Studies SOC3048-N Module
Independent Studies in the Social Sciences SOC3005-N Module
Individual History Project HIS3089-N Module
Individual Practice Project EDU3116-N Module
Individual Practice Project EDU3003-N Module
Individual Study EDU3037-N Module
Individual TESOL Project EDU3099-N Module
Industrial Marketing MAR4005-N Module
Informal Pedagogy with Young People and Families EDU2201-N Module
Initial Learning for Special Constables PLC1039-N Module
Innovative Assessment EDU4064-N Module
Inside-Out SOC3051-N Module
Integrated Marketing Communications MAR2012-N Module
Integrated Security Systems for Asset Protection (TNE) PLC3031-N Module
Integrating Leadership Skills and Methods of Enquiry for Education Leadership EDU4101-N Module
Integrating Secondary and Primary Research in Education EDU5017-N Module
Integrative & Relational Approaches PSY5027-N Module
Intelligence And Security PLC2040-N Module
Intermediate Academic English and Study Skills EDU0011-N Module
Intermediate English EDU0010-N Module
Intermediate French LAN1103-N Module
Intermediate German LAN1004-N Module
International Law LAW4048-N Module
International Law LAW3035-N Module
International Perspectives on Education EDU4111-N Module
International Policing PLC3037-N Module
International Trade Law LAW4063-N Module
Internationalisation in Higher Education EDU4075-N Module
Interpreting Revolution POL2003-N Module
Interventions in Forensic Psychology PSY4104-N Module
Interventions in Health Psychology PSY4136-N Module
Into History HIS1015-N Module
Introducing Early Childhood Studies: Children Making News EDU1026-N Module
Introducing education studies: extended induction EDU1218-N Module
Introducing Youth Support EDU1102-N Module
Introduction to applied research PSY4159-N Module
Introduction to Clinical Psychology PSY1047-N Module
Introduction To Concepts Of Terrorism PLC2037-N Module
Introduction To Concepts Of Terrorism PLC2028-N Module
Introduction to Concepts of Terrorism PLC2039-N Module
Introduction to Concepts of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Strategy PLC3022-N Module
Introduction To Core Areas In Psychology PSY1002-N Module
Introduction to Counselling and Counselling Theories PSY1003-N Module
Introduction to Counselling Skills PSY1008-N Module
Introduction to Creative Writing ELL1015-N Module
Introduction to Criminal Law LAW1008-N Module
Introduction to Criminal Law (Summer University) LAW1034-N Module
Introduction to Criminology Summer School CRI1004-N Module
Introduction to Employment Law LAW1025-N Module
Introduction To Family Law LAW1033-N Module
Introduction To Fraud Investigation BIN1051-N Module
Introduction to International Relations POL1002-N Module
Introduction to International Trade Law LAW3056-N Module
Introduction To Investigation PLC1017-N Module
Introduction To Investigation PLC1043-N Module
Introduction To Learning And Teaching EDU1166-N Module
Introduction to Learning and Teaching L5 EDU2167-N Module
Introduction to Pedagogy EDU1157-N Module
Introduction To Policing And Investigation PLC1046-N Module
Introduction to Politics POL1003-N Module
Introduction to Professional Policing PLC1065-N Module
Introduction to Psychology: Classics to Contemporary PSY4157-N Module
Introduction To Research PLC1059-N Module
Introduction to Sage Accounting in a Business Context ACC1013-N Module
Introduction to Social Theory 1 SOC1029-N Module
Introduction to Social Theory 2 SOC1028-N Module
Introduction to Social Work SWK1041-N Module
Introduction to Social Work SWK4006-N Module
Introduction to Sport and Psychology PSY0003-N Module
Introduction to Teaching Learning and Assessment L5 EDU2150-N Module
Introduction to the Investigation of Serious and Complex Crimes PLC3025-N Module
Investigating Research Methods SOC2046-N Module
Investigating Research Methods SOC3050-N Module
Investigating Research Methods SOC2041-N Module
Investigation in Context PLC2046-N Module
Investigation in Context PLC2043-N Module
Investigation in Practice PLC2060-N Module
Investigation of Organised Crime LAW4047-N Module
Investigation Of Organised Crime LAW4060-N Module
Investigative Psychology PSY4129-N Module
Issues in Psychology PSY3098-N Module
Issues in Psychology PSY3015-N Module
Key Issues in Early Years Policy EDU2171-N Module
Key Issues in Youth Studies SOC4031-N Module
Key Issues in Youth Studies SOC4044-N Module
Knowledge Development & Research in Fraud and Financial Crime BIN4022-N Module
Labour Pains: The Rise (and Fall?) of the Labour Party 1945-2017 HIS2073-N Module
Land Law (Level 5) LAW2003-N Module
Land Law (Level 6) LAW3006-N Module
Language Analysis for English Language Teaching EDU4122-N Module
Language and Learning EDU1214-N Module
Language and Learning - Focus on Literacy EDU3097-N Module
Language and Learning – Focus on Oral Skills EDU3096-N Module
Language and Literacy in the Early Years EDU2170-N Module
Law and Policy for Tourism and Events LEM1010-N Module
Law And Procedure LAW2037-N Module
Law and Procedure LAW2038-N Module
Law and Social Policy for Social Workers SWK1037-N Module
Law Dissertation LAW3012-N Module
Law of Civil and Criminal Evidence LAW3033-N Module
Law of Contract LAW1006-N Module
Law Of Evidence LAW3005-N Module
Law Of Evidence LAW3037-N Module
Law of the European Union (Level 6) LAW3008-N Module
Law of Tort (Level 4) LAW1028-N Module
Law of Tort (Level 5) LAW2002-N Module
Law, Justice and Psychology PSY4132-N Module
Law, Justice and Psychology PSY4038-N Module
Law, Justice and Psychology PSY4141-N Module
Law, Life and Commercial Awareness LAW1023-N Module
Lead Improvements in Early Years Practice WBS3018-N Module
Leadership & Management Development BIN4027-N Module
Leadership And Group Dynamics MED4032-N Module
Leadership and Management Development COR1032-N Module
Leadership and Management in Social Work SWK4017-N Module
Leadership and Support in Early Years EDU3043-N Module
Leadership for Early Years EDU3042-N Module
Leadership in Context HRM3013-N Module
Leading and Managing in Education EDU3112-N Module
Leading and Managing Organisations HRM2022-N Module
Leading And Managing Work With Children And Young People (Wbl) EDU2185-N Module
Leading Change in Academic Practice EDU4070-N Module
Leading Groups to Learn Outdoors EDU2112-N Module
Learning And Best Practice In Early Years EDU2152-N Module
Learning And Teaching For Special Educational Needs And Disabilities EDU3092-N Module
Learning and Teaching for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (Level 7) EDU4118-N Module
Learning and Teaching in Academic Practice EDU4066-N Module
Learning and Teaching in Contemporary Education EDU2147-N Module
Learning and Teaching in English (Literacy) (Level 7) EDU4117-N Module
Learning and Teaching in International Contexts EDU4110-N Module
Learning and Teaching in Literacy L5 EDU2162-N Module
Learning and Teaching in Mathematics (Numeracy) (Level 7) EDU4119-N Module
Learning and Teaching in Numeracy L5 EDU2161-N Module
Learning And Teaching In The Specialist Subject L5 EDU2166-N Module
Learning Outside the Classroom EDU1213-N Module
Learning Outside the Classroom SPO1120-N Module
Learning Recognition & Development - Level 4 WBS1001-N Module
Learning Recognition & Development - Level 6 WBS3001-N Module
Learning the Lessons - Historical Investigations PLC1049-N Module
Learning The Lessons - Historical Investigations PLC1052-N Module
Learning, education and the outdoors EDU1123-N Module
Learning, education and young people EDU1109-N Module
Learning, Teaching and Assessment EDU1217-N Module
Legal Aspects of Investigating Crime LAW4053-N Module
Legal Aspects Of Investigating Crime LAW4059-N Module
Legal Environment Legal Research LAW2006-N Module
Legal Foundations LAW1024-N Module
Legal Foundations LAW1003-N Module
Legal Foundations LAW1022-N Module
Legal Method LAW1002-N Module
Legal Research Methods And Skills LAW2007-N Module
Legal Research Skills LAW4067-N Module
Legal Theory in Context LAW4062-N Module
Legal Theory In Context LAW4046-N Module
Legislation and Good Practice in Outdoor Education EDU2113-N Module
Leisure, Pleasure And Harm SOC3046-N Module
Life Writing ELL2030-N Module
Lifelong Learning EDU2145-N Module
Lifespan Development for Social Care and Social Work SWK1034-N Module
Literacy and the Learners EDU2130-N Module
Literacy Learning and Teaching EDU2128-N Module
Literacy Theories and Frameworks EDU2129-N Module
Literary Culture in the 21st Century: English and Employability ELL3053-N Module
Literary Perspectives on the Image of Childhood EDU1100-N Module
Literature in Theory: Author, History, Text, Politics ELL2046-N Module
Literature Now ELL1042-N Module
Living and Working in Groups, Communities and Societies SWK2033-N Module
LL.M Dissertation LAW4055-N Module
MA Dissertation EDU4123-N Module
MA Education Dissertation EDU4018-N Module
Major Project: Live Brief ELL3060-N Module
Major Project: Publication ELL3061-N Module
Make it New: The Age of Modernism ELL2036-N Module
Make it new: the age of modernism ELL2040-N Module
Making History 1 HIS4036-N Module
Making History 2 HIS4037-N Module
Making Sense Of Society 1 SOC1030-N Module
Making Sense Of Society 2 SOC1031-N Module
Management & Leadership In The Public Services PLC1061-N Module
Management Accounting & Strategy ACC4013-N Module
Management and Strategy: Theory and Practice BIN4043-N Module
Management of Major, Significant and Sensitive Crime PLC1037-N Module
Management Research MAR4006-N Module
Management Theory and Practice OBE4001-N Module
Managing and Leading Work with Children and Young People EDU3107-N Module
Managing and Organising Youth and Community Work EDU4092-N Module
Managing Careers HRM4020-N Module
Managing Change HRM2046-N Module
Managing Change HRM4026-N Module
Managing Change HRM1027-N Module
Managing Children's Behaviour (Tne) (Level 4) EDU1189-N Module
Managing Children's Behaviour [Tne] EDU1147-N Module
Managing Major Fraud Investigations BIN1040-N Module
Managing Marketing MAR4008-N Module
Managing People HRM1026-N Module
Managing People in Organisations HRM4010-N Module
Managing Projects MED4037-N Module
Managing work with young people EDU4048-N Module
Managing Young People's Behaviour in Mainstream Education EDU2074-N Module
Marketing Communications Management MAR4003-N Module
Marketing Planning Application MAR3014-N Module
Marketing to Business and Organisations MAR2018-N Module
Media Representations SOC1041-N Module
Media, Social Media And Society SOC2044-N Module
Medical Law LAW4056-N Module
Medical Law LAW3002-N Module
Meeting the needs of learners with SEND EDU3118-N Module
Mental Health And Emotional Wellbeing PSY2054-N Module
Mental Health and Wellbeing PSY1048-N Module
Mentoring SOC3019-N Module
Mentoring SOC3047-N Module
Mentoring for Professional Practice in Education EDU4087-N Module
Mentoring for Teaching Practice EDU2103-N Module
Mentoring in Education EDU3094-N Module
Mentoring in Practice (Business Managers Programme) SPT-12228-TBS-2012 Module
Methods of Data Collection SOC4051-N Module
Migration And Development SOC3043-N Module
Migration, Development and the Politics of Globalisation SOC3014-N Module
Modern Scandinavia HIS2066-N Module
Module and Programme Design and Approval EDU4067-N Module
Moneylaundering BIN4009-N Module
Moral Economy Of Criminal Justice CRI3024-N Module
MSc Applied Sports Rehabilitation SPT-13007 Module
MSc Criminology Dissertation CRI4030-N Module
MSc Sports Rehabilitation SPT-13437 Module
Murder and Violence in Popular Culture CRI3032-N Module
Napoleon: Emperor And Legend HIS3102-N Module
National Fraud Training Pre-Programme Study BIN4002-N Module
Nazism And The Holocaust HIS3105-N Module
Negotiated Learning Module 1 HIS4005-N Module
Negotiated Learning Module 2 HIS4018-N Module
Negotiated Project EDU4001-N Module
Negotiated Project EDU2210-N Module
Neo-Victorianism: Rewriting The Nineteenth Century ELL3062-N Module
New Critical Perspectives on Literature and Culture ELL4027-N Module
North-eastern England, 1500-1700 HIS2025-N Module
Notions of Childhood EDU1173-N Module
Numeracy and the Learners EDU2126-N Module
Numeracy Learning and Teaching EDU2127-N Module
Offender Behaviour PSY4127-N Module
Older Adult Placement PSY5017-N Module
Operational Police Management PLC4011-N Module
Operations and Quality Management BIN2015-N Module
Organisational Decision Making BIN1053-N Module
Organisational Placement PSY5054-N Module
Organisational Skills EDU1124-N Module
Organisations and Fraud BIN2017-N Module
Organisations and Technological Change OBE4002-N Module
Organised Crime in the UK BIN4010-N Module
Organised Crime, Money Laundering and Finance ACC2017-N Module
Partnership Working for Every Child Matters EDU3026-N Module
Patronage, Popery And Power In The Age Of Pepys HIS2060-N Module
Pedagogy for Early Years EDU1066-N Module
Pedagogy in Early Years EDU2169-N Module
Pedagogy In Early Years (Tne) (Level 4) EDU1191-N Module
Pedagogy in Early Years [TNE] EDU2175-N Module
Pedagogy with Children and Young People EDU2098-N Module
People, Environment, Welfare & the Law SWK4007-N Module
Person Centred Safeguarding with Adults FDS1062-N Module
Person-Centred Personality Theory PSY1039-N Module
Person-Centred Practice PSY1042-N Module
Person-Centred Theory and Practice PSY1053-N Module
Personal & Professional Development: Collaborative Practice PSY5021-N Module
Personal and Professional Development EDU2218-N Module
Personal And Professional Development PSY1044-N Module
Personal And Professional Development Plan EDU1197-N Module
Personal And Professional Development Portfolio EDU1198-N Module
Personal and Professional Development: Autonomous Practice PSY5031-N Module
Personal and Professional Development: Reflective Practice PSY4026-N Module
Personal Effectiveness and Leadership HRM4012-N Module
Philosophies of punishment CRI3013-N Module
Philosophy and Stance in Educational Inquiry EDU5015-N Module
Physical Evidence and Investigation PLC2056-N Module
Planning and Managing the Learning Environment (0-16 years) EDU1107-N Module
Planning Research in Educatioin EDU3115-N Module
Planning Research in Education EDU3069-N Module
Planning Research in TESOL EDU3098-N Module
Policies In Practice Contexts EDU2182-N Module
Policing and community practice PLC4010-N Module
Policing and Community Practice (Inspectors) PLC4012-N Module
Policing and Community Practice (Superintendents) PLC4015-N Module
Policing and Investigation Dissertation/ work-based project PLC3023-N Module
Policing and Security CRI2022-N Module
Policing and Security CRI4031-N Module
Policing and Social Control CRI2018-N Module
Policing and the Community PLC1062-N Module
Policing in practice for accompanied patrol PLC1040-N Module
Policing Research Project PLC3042-N Module
Policing vulnerability PLC2061-N Module
Policing, Criminal Justice And Society PLC1047-N Module
Policy and Political Issues - International Perspectives SOC2051-N Module
Policy in Practice EDU1065-N Module
Political Ideologies POL1004-N Module
Politics and Change in Education EDU2149-N Module
Politics Beyond the State POL3004-N Module
Politics, Policy and Education EDU2213-N Module
Popular Criminology CRI1018-N Module
Positive Psychology: Wellbeing and Happiness. PSY2048-N Module
Postgraduate Work Based Studies WBS4001-N Module
Poverty in Childhood and Youth EDU1193-N Module
Power, Globalisation and Consumer Theory SOC2042-N Module
Practical Outdoor Education Skills NQF5 EDU2114-N Module
Practice Education Stage 1 SWK3085-N Module
Practice Education Stage 2 SWK4014-N Module
Practice Placement 1 SWK2031-N Module
Practice Placement 2 SWK3072-N Module
Practising Poetry ELL1040-N Module
Preparation for Employment in Education EDU3064-N Module
Preparation For Higher Education (PHE) MAR1007-N Module
Preparing & Defending A Doctoral Thesis OBE5003-N Module
Preparing for your Dissertation or Major Report CED2001-N Module
Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector EDU1136-N Module
Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Level 5) EDU2140-N Module
Preparing To Teach On Social Work Programmes SWK4023-N Module
Present Tense ELL3074-N Module
Principles and Practice of Management of Investigations BIN4047-N Module
Principles and Practice of Social Work SWK1035-N Module
Principles And Values For Effective Practice (Wbl) EDU1187-N Module
Principles of corporate law LAW3057-N Module
Principles of Criminology CRI1016-N Module
Principles of Employment Law LAW3058-N Module
Principles Of Hospitality Service Operations HRM3033-N Module
Principles of Security Management (TNE) PLC2033-N Module
Principles of Sociology SOC1040-N Module
Prison and the Prisoner Experience CRI3026-N Module
Prison and the Prisoner Experience CRI2027-N Module
Professional and Organisational Development WBS3015-N Module
Professional and Organisational Development WBS1005-N Module
Professional and Personal Values in Teaching EDU4094-N Module
Professional Development In Practice PSY2056-N Module
Professional Development Plan For Supporting Teaching And Learning EDU2195-N Module
Professional Development Portfolio For Supporting Teaching And Learning EDU2192-N Module
Professional Development Portfolio Level 4 EDU1067-N Module
Professional Development Portfolio Level 5 EDU2081-N Module
Professional Identities: Leadership and Support across Children's Services [TNE] EDU3088-N Module
Professional Identities: Leadership and Support across Children’s Services EDU3082-N Module
Professional Policing in Practice PLC2058-N Module
Professional Policing Practice PLC4013-N Module
Professional Portfolio Level 4 EDU1163-N Module
Professional Portfolio Level 5 EDU2155-N Module
Professional Practice Module L5 EDU2124-N Module
Professional Practice Module L6 EDU3054-N Module
Professional Roles & Relationships PSY5028-N Module
Professional Skills for Practice EDU1097-N Module
Professional Skills for Practice (TNE) EDU1130-N Module
Professionalising the Investigative Process PLC3038-N Module
Professionalism and Ethics of Outdoor Education EDU2115-N Module
Project EDU0018-N Module
Project Planning PSY4147-N Module
Promoting Health, Preventing Illness PSY3099-N Module
Promoting Health, Preventing Illness PSY2003-N Module
Promoting Positive Behaviour EDU3013-N Module
Promoting Positive Behaviour and Attitudes EDU2219-N Module
Promoting the wellbeing and resilience of children and young people EDU2221-N Module
Propaganda and Political Communication POL3001-N Module
Protecting Children In Early Years EDU2153-N Module
Psycho-Dynamic 2 PSY5050-N Module
Psycho-Pathology PSY5049-N Module
Psychobiology, Cognition and Individual Differences PSY1045-N Module
Psychodynamic Approaches PSY2053-N Module
Psychodynamic theory and practice PSY5056-N Module
Psychodynamic Theory and Practice One PSY4116-N Module
Psychological Research Design & Analysis 2 PSY2001-N Module
Psychological Research Design and Analysis 1 PSY1001-N Module
Psychological Research Design And Analysis 2 (Graduate Conversion Diploma) PSY2044-N Module
Psychological Theory and Evidence: Complex Needs PSY5007-N Module
Psychological Theory and Evidence: Special Needs PSY5008-N Module
Psychological Theory and Evidence: The Life Continuum PSY4008-N Module
Psychology and The Legal Criminal Process PSY4128-N Module
Psychology Dissertation PSY3016-N Module
Psychology Dissertation (Graduate Conversion Diploma) PSY3076-N Module
Psychology Dissertation Preparation PSY2050-N Module
Psychology in Clinical Practice PSY3095-N Module
Psychology in Education EDU4084-N Module
Psychology of Communication PSY2027-N Module
Psychology Of Development And Individual Differences (Graduate Conversion Diploma) PSY3075-N Module
Psychology Of Sex And Intimate Relationships PSY3023-N Module
Psychology Project PSY4145-N Module
Psychopathologies and Individual Differences PSY2062-N Module
Psychopathologies and Individual Differences PSY4152-N Module
Psychopathologies, Individual Differences And Psychometrics PSY2063-N Module
PsyD (Top-up) Advanced Independent Work PSY5053-N Module
PsyD (Top-up) Advanced Independent Work Proposal PSY5052-N Module
Public Protection PLC1041-N Module
Public Relations Management MAR3003-N Module
Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVivo SOC4042-N Module
Quantitative Research in Psychology PSY4153-N Module
Questions of Feminism ELL3013-N Module
Race, Crime and Social Exclusion CRI3003-N Module
Race, Crime and social exclusion (Distance Learning) SOC3032-N Module
Readers and Reading ELL2033-N Module
Reading Development in Early Childhood EDU1194-N Module
Red, White, And Black: Peoples And Powers In Colonial British America, C1607-1763 HIS2056-N Module
Reflections on practice EDU3109-N Module
Reflective Practice EDU2071-N Module
Reflective Practice for Professional Fraud Investigation BIN4041-N Module
Reflective Practice in Education EDU4026-N Module
Regression analysis; concepts and issues SOC4041-N Module
Relationship Building And Effective Communication EDU1186-N Module
Relationship Marketing MAR3007-N Module
Representation and cultural identity ELL2041-N Module
Representation and Cultural Identity: Student Conference ELL2034-N Module
Research For Early Years EDU2154-N Module
Research for Practice SWK4010-N Module
Research in Education EDU2144-N Module
Research in Practice CRI1019-N Module
Research In Supporting Teaching And Learning EDU2191-N Module
Research in the Early Years EDU2099-N Module
Research in the Early Years EDU2168-N Module
Research in the Early Years (TNE) EDU2120-N Module
Research Methods - Level 2 NLG2004-N Module
Research Methods and Analysis BIN2036-N Module
Research methods for Applied Psychologists PSY4158-N Module
Research Methods for Counselling Psychologists PSY4114-N Module
Research Methods for Financial Crime BIN4023-N Module
Research Methods for Forensic Psychology PSY4124-N Module
Research Methods for Work Based Studies - Level 5 WBS2012-N Module
Research Methods for Work based Studies - Level 6 WBS3013-N Module
Research Methods for Work Based Studies - Level 7 WBS4012-N Module
Research Methods in Childhood and Youth EDU2143-N Module
Research methods in childhood and youth EDU2198-N Module
Research Methods in Education EDU4073-N Module
Research Progress PSY5048-N Module
Research Project PSY4125-N Module
Research Project CRI3019-N Module
Research Project CRI3011-N Module
Research Project In The Public Services PLC2051-N Module
Research Project: Criminology With Law CRI3031-N Module
Research Project: Criminology With Psychology CRI3030-N Module
Research Proposal EDU3114-N Module
Research Skills and Methods ELL4028-N Module
Research Skills for Police Practitioners PLC2057-N Module
Research Skills for Social Scientists SOC2039-N Module
Research Supervision SOC4018-N Module
Research-informed Teaching and Learning EDU4072-N Module
Researching Academic Practice EDU4003-N Module
Researching Childhoods EDU3101-N Module
Researching Early Childhood EDU3049-N Module
Researching Education in International Contexts EDU4112-N Module
Researching History HIS4038-N Module
Researching Young Children and Early Childhood EDU3075-N Module
Responding to Special Educational Needs EDU3076-N Module
Responses to Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities (LDD) EDU4082-N Module
Responses to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities EDU3017-N Module
Romantics To Realism ELL1035-N Module
Romantics to Realism ELL1039-N Module
Rome: Foundation to Fall HIS2068-N Module
Safeguarding SWK1038-N Module
Safeguarding & Protecting Children EDU2172-N Module
Safeguarding Adults SWK3082-N Module
Safeguarding Children EDU2085-N Module
Safeguarding Children And Young People EDU2194-N Module
Safeguarding children and young people and work induction (Work based learning) EDU1111-N Module
Safeguarding Children for Social Workers SWK3086-N Module
Safeguarding Children's Rights EDU2082-N Module
Safeguarding pupils EDU4077-N Module
Safeguarding, Ethics and Values In Practice EDU1204-N Module
Self-Analysis & Career Development PLC1056-N Module
Sexual Violence, Sexual Crime CRI2004-N Module
Shakespeare: Contemporary Contexts ELL3054-N Module
Skills in Practice: Children and Young People’s Workforce (WBL) EDU1188-N Module
Social and Applied Psychology 2007SOC-N Module
Social and Contemporary Issues SOC2047-N Module
Social and Lifespan Approaches in Health Psychology PSY4002-N Module
Social Diversities SOC2038-N Module
Social Inequalities CRI4026-N Module
Social Policies And Social Change SOC1032-N Module
Social Policies and Social Problems SOC1026-N Module
Social Policy and Law for Social Workers SWK1031-N Module
Social Research Methods SOC4047-N Module
Social Research Methods SOC4045-N Module
Social Research Methods SOC4037-N Module
Social Research Methods SOC2003-N Module
Social Research Methods SOC2030-N Module
Social Research Methods (20 Credit) SOC2025-N Module
Social Research Methods: Preparation for Taught Masters SOC3038-N Module
Social Research Methods: Preparation For Taught Masters SOC3034-N Module
Social Research Project SOC4039-N Module
Social Research Project SOC4048-N Module
Social Work Dissertation SWK3073-N Module
Social Work Support: Foundations of Practice FDS1058-N Module
Social Work Theory, Values and Ethics SWK3070-N Module
Social Work: Research SWK2036-N Module
Sociological Approaches to Children and Young People EDU1206-N Module
Sociological Approaches To Children And Young People EDU1084-N Module
Sociology of International Development SOC4032-N Module
Sociology Of Teesside 1: Sociology In Context SOC1033-N Module
Sociology of Teesside 2: Research & Policy in Context SOC2040-N Module
Sociology of Teesside 3: Youth and Social Exclusion SOC3040-N Module
Sociology; Understanding Everyday Life SOC1017-N Module
Spain In Conflict: The Spanish Civil War HIS3108-N Module
Spanish for Work and Travel LAN1206-N Module
Special Constabulary Programme PLC1021-N Module
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities EDU2214-N Module
Special Needs Placement PSY5016-N Module
Specialist Service Placement PSY5015-N Module
Specialist Subject ELL4029-N Module
Speculative Writing: Histories, Anxieties and Fantasies ELL2043-N Module
State powers and individual rights LAW4064-N Module
Strategic Approaches to Investigations BIN4048-N Module
Strategic Management for Tourism and Events CSE3011-N Module
Strategic Management: Business Managers Programme SPT-12230-TBS-2012 Module
Strategic Marketing CSE4013-N Module
Strategic Marketing Planning CSE4008-N Module
Strategic police management PLC4009-N Module
Strategic Police Management (Superintendents) PLC4014-N Module
Student Law Clinic LAW3039-N Module
Students as Tutors EDU2211-N Module
Studies in Criminology & Social Policy SOC4049-N Module
Study skills for criminologists CRI1011-N Module
Study Skills For Social Scientists CRI1014-N Module
Study Skills for Sociologists 1009SOC-N Module
Study Skills for Sociologists SOC1027-N Module
Studying Skills For Professional Practice PLC1054-N Module
Studying Skills for Professional Practice PLC1053-N Module
Subject Specialist Teaching Module EDU2123-N Module
Subject Specialist Teaching Module Level 6 EDU3056-N Module
Supporting Children's Development EDU1195-N Module
Supporting Learning in Higher Education EDU4071-N Module
Surveillance and Society CRI2016-N Module
Synthesising Educational Research and Theory EDU5012-N Module
Teaching And Supporting Learning In Higher Education EDU1168-N Module
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages EDU3095-N Module
Teaching Excercise SPT-13288 Module
Teaching Practice in Higher Education EDU4062-N Module
Teaching Practice Portfolio EDU1134-N Module
Teaching Practice Portfolio (Level 5) EDU2139-N Module
Teaching Work-Based Learners EDU4076-N Module
Teaching, Learning and Education EDU3011-N Module
Team Building and Coaching BIN1030-N Module
Technology And The Public Services PLC1058-N Module
Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching and Assessment EDU2212-N Module
Technology-Enhanced Learning EDU4063-N Module
Teesside: History, Literature, Culture, and Society HIS0001-N Module
Terrorism and Counter-Terrorist Finance BIN4013-N Module
Terrorism And Political Violence HIS2069-N Module
Terrorism: Criminological Perspectives CRI3016-N Module
The American Revolution at Home and Abroad HIS3111-N Module
The Application of Intelligence to Crime, Criminology and Criminal Justice PLC3035-N Module
The application of Intelligence to Crime, Criminology and Criminal Justice PLC3024-N Module
The Citizen and the State LAW1004-N Module
The Citizen and the State - Civil Liberties and Human Rights LAW1029-N Module
The Citizen and the State - The Constitution LAW1030-N Module
The Developing Child and Young Person EDU1152-N Module
The Developing Child and Young Person EDU1205-N Module
The Early Stuart Age, 1603-1660 HIS3086-N Module
The English Reformation: 1520-1560? HIS1043-N Module
The Investigation and Prosecution of Crime PSY3083-N Module
The Investigation of Homicide PLC4000-N Module
The Law of Equity and Trusts LAW2004-N Module
The Law of Succession LAW3004-N Module
The Legal Principles of Evidence LAW3032-N Module
The Making of Modern Ireland HIS1042-N Module
The Other Victorians ELL1033-N Module
The People's War: Making the Home Front in Britainm 1939-45 HIS3100-N Module
The Practice Of Employment Law LAW3047-N Module
The Practice Of Major Crime Investigation PLC4008-N Module
The Practice of Major Crime Investigation PLC4004-N Module
The Principles of Coaching & Change BIN4032-N Module
The Professional Writer In The World ELL4024-N Module
The Professional Writer in the World ELL4032-N Module
The Psychology of Criminal and Sexual Offending PSY3085-N Module
The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour PSY4037-N Module
The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour PSY4133-N Module
The Psychology Of Death Dying And Bereavement PSY2021-N Module
The Psychology of Development and Individual Differences PSY4149-N Module
The Psychology of Development and Individual Differences SPT-13507 Module
The Psychology Of Development And Individual Differences PSY3068-N Module
The Psychology of Everyday Self PSY3096-N Module
The Psychology of Investigations PSY4134-N Module
The Psychology of Investigations PSY4142-N Module
The Psychology of Investigations PSY4035-N Module
The Psychology of Police Investigations PSY3074-N Module
The Reflective Leader HRM4018-N Module
The Rise And Fall Of King Cotton: Southern History C1792-1877 HIS3101-N Module
The Rise and Fall of New Labour HIS2072-N Module
The Russian Revolution HIS2059-N Module
The Scope of Outdoor Learning EDU1126-N Module
The Sociology of Educating EDU4083-N Module
The Sociology of Place SOC1039-N Module
The Theory And Practice Of Group Counselling PSY3078-N Module
The Troubles HIS3110-N Module
Themes In American History And Culture HIS1003-N Module
Themes in Contemporary Literature ELL3056-N Module
Themes in Professional Policing PLC3041-N Module
Theoretical Approaches to Forensic Psychology PSY2012-N Module
Theoretical Approaches to Psychology and Education PSY2024-N Module
Theories and Frameworks in Literacy L5 EDU2160-N Module
Theories and Frameworks in Numeracy L5 EDU2159-N Module
Theories And Frameworks In Special Educational Needs And Disabilities EDU3091-N Module
Theories and Principles for Planning and Enabling Learning and Assessment EDU1135-N Module
Theories and Principles for Planning and Enabling Learning and Assessment (Level 5) EDU2141-N Module
Theories Relating To Crimes Of Violence PLC2052-N Module
Theory And Policy In Education L5 EDU2165-N Module
Theory And Policy In Education L6 EDU3073-N Module
Therapeutic Approaches for Social Care and Education SWK1040-N Module
Therapeutic Care and Meaningful Interactions (L5 & 6) SPT-13511 Module
Therapeutic Care and Meaningful Interactions L5 PSY2059-N Module
Therapeutic Care and Meaningful Interactions L6 PSY3097-N Module
Therapeutic Practice 2 PSY5044-N Module
Therapeutic Practice 3 PSY5047-N Module
Therapeutic Practice One PSY4113-N Module
Thesis PSY5022-N Module
Think Family 1 SWK4008-N Module
Think Family 2 SWK4011-N Module
Thinking about Crime PLC1063-N Module
Thinking in Learning and Teaching (Level 7) EDU4113-N Module
Third Reich HIS2049-N Module
Tourism and Events Management LEM1004-N Module
Transformative Practice ELL2035-N Module
Transnational Sociology SOC4033-N Module
Trends and Jurisdictions BIN4021-N Module
Twentieth-Century Britain HIS1039-N Module
Ucpd: Police Knowledge And Practice CRI1015-N Module
Undergraduate Learning Contract ECO2011-N Module
Underpinning Forensic Psychology PSY1038-N Module
Underpinning Forensic Psychology PSY1005-N Module
Understanding and Supporting SEN in Early Years EDU2178-N Module
Understanding and Supporting SEN in Early Years (TNE) EDU1190-N Module
Understanding Childhood Trauma EDU4107-N Module
Understanding Children with Social, Emotional & Mental Health Difficulties EDU1208-N Module
Understanding children with social, emotional, behavioural, communication and mental health difficulties EDU1192-N Module
Understanding Children's Development EDU1160-N Module
Understanding Children's Development PSY1020-N Module
Understanding Company Dynamics HRM1025-N Module
Understanding Domestic and Sexual Violence CRI3027-N Module
Understanding Domestic and Sexual Violence CRI3002-N Module
Understanding Drugs and Drug Use CRI2019-N Module
Understanding Drugs In Society Level 5 CRI2026-N Module
Understanding Drugs in Society Level 6 CRI3020-N Module
Understanding Events and Industry Skills LEM1006-N Module
Understanding Forensic Psychology PSY1024-N Module
Understanding Investigation PLC2035-N Module
Understanding Investigation PLC2012-N Module
Understanding Learning For Inclusive Practice EDU1185-N Module
Understanding Political Violence POL2006-N Module
Understanding Research In Counselling PSY2052-N Module
Understanding the Policing Environment PLC1064-N Module
Upper Intermediate Academic English and Study Skills EDU1105-N Module
Use Of Data For Evidence Based Practice EDU2181-N Module
Using Data in the Social and Public Sector SOC2049-N Module
Using data to improve the learning of children and young people EDU4078-N Module
Using Evidence Based Practice in Tactical Planning PLC2048-N Module
Using evidence when working with children, young people and families EDU2104-N Module
Using the Literature to Inform Educational Research EDU4098-N Module
Victims and Offenders SOC4046-N Module
Victims And Offenders SOC4038-N Module
Victims, rights and restorative justice CRI2017-N Module
Victims, Rights and Restorative Justice CRI2024-N Module
Victorian Britain HIS1038-N Module
Victorian Horizons: Writing 1837-1901 ELL1041-N Module
Violence And Society CRI3036-N Module
Visual Design MED4036-N Module
Voices from the Street: popular culture 1920-1970 HIS3093-N Module
Volunteering SOC2036-N Module
Volunteering SOC2029-N Module
Volunteering SOC2033-N Module
Volunteering in Criminal Justice PLC2047-N Module
War and Society HIS2050-N Module
War and Society 1 HIS2070-N Module
War and Society 2 HIS2071-N Module
WBS Work Based Project (7/60) WBS4006-N Module
WBS Work Based Project - Level 5 (20) WBS2005-N Module
WBS Work Based Project - Level 6 (10) WBS3004-N Module
WBS Work Based Project - Level 6 (40) WBS3007-N Module
Wider Professional Practice EDU2087-N Module
Women In Twentieth Century Britain HIS2031-N Module
Women, Crime and the Criminal Justice System CRI2007-N Module
Words matter ELL2045-N Module
Work And Organisational Psychology HRM3036-N Module
Work And Organisational Psychology HRM3047-N Module
Work Based Studies - Level 4 WBS1002-N Module
Work-Based Assignment (Civilian Route) BIN4012-N Module
Work-Based Assignment (Police Route) BIN4004-N Module
Working across settings and the lifespan PSY5058-N Module
Working Collaboratively in Early Years EDU1172-N Module
Working Collaboratively In Early Years [Tne] EDU1179-N Module
Working in Organisations SWK3071-N Module
Working in Organisations and Management of Self SWK4009-N Module
Working Practice (WBL) SOC2050-N Module
Working with Adults SWK2030-N Module
Working With Children and Families EDU2057-N Module
Working with Children and Families (TNE) EDU2116-N Module
Working with Children, Young People and Families SWK2029-N Module
Working With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities EDU1201-N Module
Working with Special Educational Needs and Disability EDU2197-N Module
Working with Traumatised Children EDU4109-N Module
Workplace culture PLC2064-N Module
Writers On Writing ELL1034-N Module
Writing And Groups ELL4037-N Module
Writing and the Self SPT-13810-0719-SSS-2018 Module
Writing and the Self ELL4033-N Module
Writing And The Self ELL4025-N Module
Writing For Personal Development ELL4001-N Module
Writing For Professional Development ELL4002-N Module
Writing Popular Culture ELL3078-N Module
Writing Specialisms ELL4019-N Module
Writing Specialisms ELL4034-N Module
Writing Specialisms ELL4023-N Module
Young Children And Early Childhood Dissertation EDU3077-N Module
Young Offenders and the Criminal Law LAW4045-N Module
Youth and Childhood Identities EDU2084-N Module
Youth and Childhood Identities EDU2196-N Module
Youth and Childhood in Society EDU1207-N Module
Youth and Society EDU1167-N Module
Youth Cultures (20 Credits) SOC2043-N Module
Youth Cultures and Transitions EDU2075-N Module
Youth Cultures and Transitions SOC2012-N Module
Youth Cultures and Transitions EDU2076-N Module
Youth Cultures and Transitions SOC2013-N Module
Youth Cultures and Transitions (40 Credits) SOC2045-N Module
Youth Dissertation EDU3039-N Module
Youth Justice CRI3033-N Module
Youth Perspectives EDU1068-N Module
Youth Perspectives 1 EDU1077-N Module
Youth Work Master's Dissertation EDU4050-N Module
Youth Work: history and ethics EDU4046-N Module
Youth, Crime and Justice. CRI3007-N Module
Youth, Music and Politics EDU2186-N Module

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