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Academic Skills and Personal Development for Business BIN0019-N Module
Academic Skills for Higher Education BIN1073-N Module
Accommodation Management HRM0011-N Module
Accounting Dissertation ACC4025-N Module
Accounting Essentials for Business Success ACC1058-N Module
Accounting for Management Decisions ACC3011-N Module
Accounting for Management Performance ACC2020-N Module
Accounting Information Systems ACC2024-N Module
Accounting Information Systems ACC2041-N Module
Advanced Auditing BIN3017-N Module
Advanced Financial Accounting ACC3012-N Module
Advanced Leadership Performance HRM3044-N Module
Advanced Patisserie and Confectionery HRM0013-N Module
Advertising Insights MAR2013-N Module
Advertising Management MAR3008-N Module
Agile Management HRM2072-N Module
Agile Strategy And Innovation TEA3002-N Module
Airline and Airport Issues LEM2011-N Module
Airline Marketing and Social Media MAR1044-N Module
Analysing Financial Performance HRM1078-N Module
Application of Coaching BIN4053-N Module
Applied Practice CSE4033-N Module
Applied Practice (Level 6) CSE3015-N Module
Applying Management and Organisational Studies Research OBE5007-N Module
Audit and Assurance ACC3026-N Module
Aviation And Tourism Customer Service Management HRM2061-N Module
Aviation Sector Management HRM2045-N Module
Aviation Sector Operations HRM1059-N Module
Brand Marketing MAR2020-N Module
Brand Marketing MAR2006-N Module
Building an e-Commerce Business CSE4042-N Module
Business & the Economy ECO1008-N Module
Business and Marketing Communications MAR1043-N Module
Business Creativity, Enterprise and Career Aspirations BIN0021-N Module
Business Development and Performance Management BIN1065-N Module
Business Dynamics and Problem Solving BIN2028-N Module
Business Enterprise BIN1071-N Module
Business Enterprise & Creativity BIN1072-N Module
Business Ethics HRM4001-N Module
Business Finance ACC1057-N Module
Business Growth BIN3046-N Module
Business Law And Ethics ACC1048-N Module
Business Management Dissertation BIN3026-N Module
Business Management Research MAR4014-N Module
Business Online Marketing MAR2026-N Module
Business Operational Strategy HRM2068-N Module
Business Operations HRM1084-N Module
Business Placement ECO2007-N Module
Business Psychology HRM1089-N Module
Business Research CSE4025-N Module
Business Research TEA2002-N Module
Business Research Methods CSE4026-N Module
Business Transformation MED4067-N Module
Business Transformation and Innovation MED4081-N Module
Buyer Behaviour MAR2008-N Module
Career Management HRM2047-N Module
Career Management HRM2075-N Module
Challenges and Opportunities in the Skies CSE4053-N Module
Change Management HRM2064-N Module
Collecting, Understanding and Presenting Business Information BIN0018-N Module
Commercial Challenges for Aviation LEM2012-N Module
Company Law and Audit ACC2003-N Module
Concepts and Principles of International Management CSE3005-N Module
Consultancy Project ACC3027-N Module
Consumer Behaviour MAR4013-N Module
Consumer Buying Behaviour MAR2017-N Module
Contemporary Financial Technology ACC4030-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Business Management BIN3038-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Business Management HRM3042-N Module
Contemporary Issues In Football Business BIN2039-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Information Management BIN3010-N Module
Contemporary Issues in Management Practice BIN3035-N Module
Core Concepts in Accounting & Finance ACC4026-N Module
Corporate Finance ACC3008-N Module
Corporate governance and law ACC2037-N Module
Creating Sustainable Environments LEM2009-N Module
Creative Thinking and Business Design CSE3013-N Module
Criminal Law And Public Services BIN2046-N Module
Crisis Management HRM2048-N Module
Crisis Management and Business Resilience BIN2052-N Module
Cultural Awareness in the Hospitality Profession HRM2057-N Module
Current Issues in Accounting and Research ACC4022-N Module
Current Issues in Business and Society CSE4046-N Module
Current Issues in Business Ethics & CSR HRM3046-N Module
Current Issues in Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility HRM3038-N Module
Current Issues In Travel And Tourism HRM2053-N Module
Customer Service Excellence in Events Management BIN3047-N Module
Customer Service in the Airline and Airport Sector HRM1074-N Module
Customer Service Management In Travel And Tourism HRM1075-N Module
DBA Advanced Independent Study OBE5006-N Module
Design and Creativity MED4039-N Module
Design Thinking MED4065-N Module
Developing Self and Others CSE4034-N Module
Development Of Capitalist Economies ECO1020-N Module
Digital Business BIN2040-N Module
Digital Business Models CSE4041-N Module
Digital Communications MAR4023-N Module
Digital Entrepreneurship CSE4051-N Module
Digital Innovation and Change Management MAR4024-N Module
Digital Marketing BIN3027-N Module
Digital Marketing MAR2021-N Module
Digital Marketing in Practice MAR3018-N Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BIN3001-N Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BIN3041-N Module
Digital Marketing Theory and Practice MAR4016-N Module
Digital Media In Sport BIN2033-N Module
Digital Optimisation, Analytics and Metrics MAR4022-N Module
Digital Technologies MED4066-N Module
Dissertation ACC4007-N Module
Dissertation BIN3039-N Module
Dissertation CSE4024-N Module
Dissertation BIN3009-N Module
E Business for Airlines BIN2030-N Module
E-Business Management BIN2001-N Module
Economic Principles ECO1001-N Module
Economics for Business ECO1013-N Module
Economics of Money and Banking ECO3015-N Module
Emergency Planning In The Public Services BIN2047-N Module
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise BIN3025-N Module
Emerging Technology in Business ACC1065-N Module
Employability and Work Experience BIN3049-N Module
Employability for Business HRM2042-N Module
Employee Relations And Employment Relationships LAW2036-N Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Skills CSE2010-N Module
Enterprise And Entrepreneurial Skills For Future Ventures HRM2067-N Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship CSE2011-N Module
Enterprise and Practice BIN2045-N Module
Enterprise in Practice BIN2026-N Module
Entrepreneurial Leadership CSE4044-N Module
Entrepreneurial Project TEA3001-N Module
Entrepreneurship in Action CSE2014-N Module
Entrepreneurship in Small Businesses 1006BIN-N Module
Entrepreneurship: an International Perspective BIN3024-N Module
Environmental Economics ECO3016-N Module
Ethics, Governance & Accountability ACC3017-N Module
Event Planning MAR2024-N Module
Event Planning BIN1074-N Module
Event Production BIN2053-N Module
Events Management LEM3001-N Module
Events Tourism LEM2015-N Module
Events Tourism LEM2013-N Module
Events, Tourism, Culture and Heritage LEM2008-N Module
Experience Design MED4040-N Module
Exploring Global Strategy CSE4052-N Module
Exploring Innovation MED4069-N Module
Finance And Business Operations BIN1054-N Module
Finance Management ACC4024-N Module
Financial Accounting ACC2035-N Module
Financial Accounting ACC2022-N Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting ACC2036-N Module
Financial Crime ACC4023-N Module
Financial Crime BIN4019-N Module
Financial Decision Making ACC1055-N Module
Financial Management HRM0002-N Module
Financial Management BIN4014-N Module
Financial Planning ACC2042-N Module
Food and Beverage Operations HRM0003-N Module
Food Policy HRM3043-N Module
Football Club Management BIN3033-N Module
Foundations of Marketing MAR1037-N Module
Fundamental Principles Of Employment Law LAW2034-N Module
Future Scenarios MED4083-N Module
Global Business Dynamics BIN2043-N Module
Global Business Environment: Culture, Management and the Economy ECO4010-N Module
Global Business Operations In Aviation And Tourism HRM2063-N Module
Global Citizenship BIN1064-N Module
Global Digital Business BIN2042-N Module
Global Economics & Business Operations BIN3022-N Module
Global Economics and International Financial Markets ACC4028-N Module
Global Enterprise and Strategy ACC3025-N Module
Global Issues On The Public Services BIN2048-N Module
Global Sports Management BIN2058-N Module
Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices CSE4043-N Module
Global Tourism-Planning, Developing, And Managing HRM2054-N Module
Governmental Impact on Public Services HRM2050-N Module
Ground Handling Management HRM1066-N Module
HRM: Contemporary Issues HRM2074-N Module
HRM: Contemporary Issues HRM2041-N Module
Human and Criminal Behaviour BIN1066-N Module
Human resource and talent management HRM2078-N Module
Human Resource Management HRM1072-N Module
Human Resource Management 1002BIN-N Module
Human Resource Planning HRM4030-N Module
Humans - Understanding People MED4089-N Module
Humans or Customers MED4079-N Module
Industry Related Project HRM2077-N Module
Industry Related Project HRM2058-N Module
Industry Research Project MED4044-N Module
Industry Research Project MED4073-N Module
Information Management and Big Data BIN2054-N Module
Innovation in Action CSE3014-N Module
Innovation, Creativity And Enterprise CSE3016-N Module
Innovation, Management and Commercialism in Business 1005BIN-N Module
Intelligent Machines MED4080-N Module
International Accounting ACC3022-N Module
International Business and Management ECO2017-N Module
International Business and Management ECO2023-N Module
International Business Environment LEM2014-N Module
International Business Environment LEM2006-N Module
International Dimensions of Business ECO2013-N Module
International Economics ECO3014-N Module
International Finance ECO3007-N Module
International Issues in Tourism LEM3004-N Module
International Market Environment BIN1077-N Module
Interpreting and Communicating Business Information ACC1053-N Module
Introduction to Business and the Changing Business Environment 1000BIN-N Module
Introduction to Business Environment ECO0001-N Module
Introduction to Business Finance ACC1056-N Module
Introduction to Digital Marketing MAR1052-N Module
Introduction to Digital Marketing MAR1047-N Module
Introduction To Finance CSE1023-N Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting ACC1047-N Module
Introduction to Macro-Economics ECO1016-N Module
Introduction to Macroeconomics ECO1017-N Module
Introduction to Management Accounting ACC1045-N Module
Introduction to Micro-Economics ECO2018-N Module
Introduction to Microeconomics ECO1019-N Module
Introduction to People Management CSE1024-N Module
Introduction to Research BIN1067-N Module
Introduction To Research Methods BIN1062-N Module
Introduction To Sports Business Economics BIN1061-N Module
Introduction To Sports Events BIN1060-N Module
Introduction To Sports Management BIN1057-N Module
Introduction to Sports Marketing BIN1059-N Module
Introduction to Strategic Management CSE2013-N Module
Introduction To Strategic Marketing In Aviation And Tourism HRM1080-N Module
Introduction To Strategic Marketing In Business MAR1048-N Module
Introduction to Tourism LEM1005-N Module
Introductory Financial Accounting ACC1059-N Module
Investigations and Data Analysis ACC2040-N Module
Issues in the Global Economy ECO4006-N Module
Kitchen Management And Practice HRM0008-N Module
Law And Sport: Contemporary Issues BIN3032-N Module
Leadership & Business Performance HRM4029-N Module
Leadership & Management Development HRM4034-N Module
Leadership And Mentoring HRM2036-N Module
Leadership and Mentoring HRM2073-N Module
Leadership in Aviation CSE4054-N Module
Leading and Managing People in Organisations HRM2069-N Module
Leading Change Management HRM2051-N Module
Leading Strategic Change CSE4050-N Module
Leading Strategic Change HRM3041-N Module
Leading Teams MED4078-N Module
Leading Yourself and Others CSE4045-N Module
Learning and Development HRM4022-N Module
Legal Issues: Sports Industry BIN2038-N Module
Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management BIN4049-N Module
Macroeconomic Theory and Policies ECO2019-N Module
Management & The Organisation ACC1049-N Module
Management Accounting ACC2034-N Module
Management Accounting 1 ACC1063-N Module
Management Accounting 2 ACC2039-N Module
Management Accounting and Finance 1002ACC-N Module
Management and Leadership ACC1060-N Module
Management and Leadership in the Public Services BIN1055-N Module
Management Consulting CSE3002-N Module
Management in a Competitive Environment ACC2031-N Module
Management Research for Doctoral Students HRM4019-N Module
Managing & Developing People HRM1046-N Module
Managing & Developing Talent HRM1064-N Module
Managing Across Cultures CSE4012-N Module
Managing and Developing People in the Hospitality Profession HRM1070-N Module
Managing And Developing Talent In Practice HRM1076-N Module
Managing and Developing Talent in the Airline and Airport Sector HRM1068-N Module
Managing Business Organisations HRM1071-N Module
Managing Change HRM2007-N Module
Managing Finance ACC1016-N Module
Managing Financial Resources HRM1007-N Module
Managing Hospitality Events MAR2025-N Module
Managing Human Resources HRM1079-N Module
Managing in a Challenging Environment CSE4035-N Module
Managing Innovation HRM4036-N Module
Managing Innovation HRM4033-N Module
Managing Logistics in Global Business BIN3048-N Module
Managing Operations BIN2031-N Module
Managing Operations and Finance ACC4003-N Module
Managing Operations and Finance ACC4029-N Module
Managing People in Organisations HRM4035-N Module
Managing People Through Change HRM2076-N Module
Managing People Through Change BIN4033-N Module
Managing Projects And Teams MED4068-N Module
Market Analysis TEA1004-N Module
Marketing Analytics in Practice MAR4019-N Module
Marketing Applications MAR3009-N Module
Marketing Communications MAR2023-N Module
Marketing Communications MAR3016-N Module
Marketing Consultancy MAR4018-N Module
Marketing Dissertation MAR3021-N Module
Marketing Environment and Business Intelligence MAR1039-N Module
Marketing Insights MAR1026-N Module
Marketing Planning Application MAR3017-N Module
Marketing Principles and Practices MAR4015-N Module
MBA Dissertation CSE4047-N Module
Mentoring in Practice HRM3035-N Module
Microeconomic Theory and Applications ECO2021-N Module
Molecular Gastronomy HRM0016-N Module
Numeracy and Introduction to Finance ECO0002-N Module
On Licensed Trade Management HRM0005-N Module
Operational Management 1003BIN-N Module
Operational Research and Optimisation ECO3018-N Module
Operations and Supply Chain Management HRM2065-N Module
Operations Management BIN4015-N Module
Operations Management and Supply Chain Practices BIN1075-N Module
Organisational Behaviour BIN4051-N Module
Organisational Behaviour and HRM in Sport BIN2032-N Module
Organisational Theory and Research HRM1086-N Module
Organisational Theory, Research And Practice HRM1065-N Module
Passengers, Consumption and Culture CSE4055-N Module
Personal And Professional Development HRM1081-N Module
Personal And Professional Development (Ppd) BIN1058-N Module
Personal and Professional Development for Business BIN1076-N Module
Personal and Team Effectiveness HRM1045-N Module
Personal Development and Self Awareness HRM1087-N Module
Personal Effectiveness HRM1085-N Module
Planning an MBA Research Project CSE4031-N Module
Planning and Control of Projects BIN2051-N Module
Planning for Business Operations ACC2021-N Module
Policy Issues in Tourism, Leisure and Sport ECO3009-N Module
Political Economy ECO2022-N Module
Postgraduate Business Research Methods CSE4049-N Module
Power of Networks MED4085-N Module
Principles and Practice of Management in Financial Crime ACC4020-N Module
Principles and Practice of Marketing MAR2007-N Module
Principles and Practices of Marketing MAR2019-N Module
Principles and Theories of Coaching BIN4052-N Module
Principles of Economics ECO1022-N Module
Principles of Human Resources HRM2060-N Module
Principles of International Business CSE2012-N Module
Principles of Marketing 1001BIN-N Module
Principles of Taxation ACC2038-N Module
Procurement and Supply Chain Risk Management BIN2055-N Module
Productivity Through People HRM3048-N Module
Professional Marketing Project MAR4025-N Module
Professional Project BIN3034-N Module
Project and Operations Management ACC2033-N Module
Project Management BIN3003-N Module
Project Management HRM2070-N Module
Project Management BIN3040-N Module
Project Management And Operations TEA2003-N Module
Project Planning BIN2056-N Module
Project Planning and Control BIN2003-N Module
Project Planning and Research Skills BIN2041-N Module
Project-Based Management BIN3043-N Module
Projects and Organisations BIN1070-N Module
Quantitative Economics 1 ECO1018-N Module
Quantitative Economics 2 ECO2020-N Module
Quantitative Economics 3 ECO3013-N Module
Radical Perspectives MED4082-N Module
Reporting, Governance and Accountability ACC4027-N Module
Research Methods BIN2044-N Module
Research Methods for Business BIN2029-N Module
Research Methods for Business HRM2035-N Module
Research Methods for Doctoral Students OBE5005-N Module
Research Methods for Fraud BIN4007-N Module
Research Methods For Marketing MAR2022-N Module
Research Project 1004BIN-N Module
Research Project in the Public Services BIN2049-N Module
Research Skills BIN2057-N Module
Resilient HRM in Context HRM4023-N Module
Safety Management in Aviation and Business Resilience BIN3044-N Module
Sales and Marketing BIN1063-N Module
Sales And Marketing In Travel And Tourism MAR1046-N Module
Sales Management MAR3020-N Module
Self Analysis & Career Development MAR1008-N Module
Self-Analysis & Career Development BIN1068-N Module
Service Levels and Innovation in Aviation BIN3045-N Module
Short Specialisation Project MED4072-N Module
Small and Medium Business Development HRM2071-N Module
Social Enterprise MAR3019-N Module
Sponsorship: Elite Sport BIN2037-N Module
Sports Branding BIN3031-N Module
Sports Business Finance BIN2035-N Module
Sports Event Management BIN2034-N Module
Sports Marketing MAR2014-N Module
Strategic Digital Marketing MAR4021-N Module
Strategic Events and Leisure Management BIN3030-N Module
Strategic Finance ACC3024-N Module
Strategic Issues in Leadership and Management BIN3028-N Module
Strategic Management CSE3004-N Module
Strategic Management CSE4014-N Module
Strategic Management and Intrapreneurship CSE3012-N Module
Strategic Management and Responsible Leadership HRM3045-N Module
Strategic Management in an International Context CSE4027-N Module
Strategic Marketing MAR2027-N Module
Strategic Marketing in Practice MAR4020-N Module
Strategic Project Management BIN4039-N Module
Strategic Sports Business Marketing BIN3029-N Module
Studying Management and Organisations OBE5001-N Module
Sustainability, Strategy & Society BIN3050-N Module
Synthesising Research and Theory in Business and Management OBE5002-N Module
Taxation ACC2002-N Module
Team Research Project Utilising Digital Platforms BIN0020-N Module
Technology and the Public Services BIN1069-N Module
Technology In Aviation And Tourism HRM1077-N Module
Teesside Marketing Clinic MAR3022-N Module
Terminal Management and Passenger Behaviour HRM2059-N Module
The Business Environment HRM1090-N Module
The Business Planning Process HRM1091-N Module
The Coach TEA2001-N Module
The Contemporary Business and Marketing Environment MAR1045-N Module
The Dynamics of Organisational Change HRM2079-N Module
The Leader TEA3003-N Module
The Management of Change HRM4007-N Module
The Market Environment ECO1021-N Module
The Marketing Apprentice MAR1041-N Module
The Nature Of Management Knowledge BIN5001-N Module
The Organisation HRM1010-N Module
The Relationships of Buying and Selling MAR1040-N Module
The Role Of A Supervisor BIN1022-N Module
The Sustainable Global Professional ACC1064-N Module
The Sustainable Organisation CSE4048-N Module
The Sustainable Organisation SPT-13980 Module
The Team Entrepreneur TEA1003-N Module
The Work Environment And Self-Analysis HRM1067-N Module
Theories Relating to Crimes of Violence BIN2050-N Module
Topics in Economic Theory and Policy ECO3012-N Module
Tourism Destination Development HRM2062-N Module
Tourism Technologies HRM2056-N Module
Transformation in Aviation CSE4056-N Module
Travel & Tourism Business LEM2007-N Module
Uk Tourism- Diversity And Importance LEM1011-N Module
Undergraduate Business Project BIN3019-N Module
Undergraduate Business Project BIN3023-N Module
Undergraduate Business Research Methods BIN3036-N Module
Undergraduate Business Research Methods BIN3018-N Module
Undergraduate Business Research Methods BIN2027-N Module
Undergraduate Business Research Methods PRA3002-N Module
Undergraduate Business Research Methods (Top Up) BIN3020-N Module
Undergraduate Business Research Project BIN3037-N Module
Understanding Organisations HRM1088-N Module
Understanding Organisations MAR1036-N-BJ1-2015 Module
Understanding Organisations MAR1036-N Module
Venture creation TEA1001-N Module
Work Based Development HRM1011-N Module
Work Based Study HRM1082-N Module
Work Related Research Project HRM2066-N Module
Work-Based Learning Skills HRM1083-N Module

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